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App NameGBWhatsApp APK
Total Downloads6,500,000+
Apk Size49MB
Latest Versionv4.3 and Above
Last Update1 day ago
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GB WhatsApp specifications & Features

GB WhatsApp brings the same WhatsApp-like experience to its users, which includes additional features including the use of dual WhatsApp accounts on the same device, hiding reading receipts, sending high-resolution images, auto-reply feature, one-up Date status includes more characters, and more.

  • Automatic response function
  • Better privacy options.
  • Ability to hide for the last time.
  • Possibility to hide the provided message
  • Ability to hide reading receipts.
  • Hide last viewed only for specific contacts.
  • Set the group name to 35 characters.
  • Ability to save any WhatsApp history on the phone.
  • Ability to send all files (such as Apk, etc.)
  • Possibility to broadcast to 600 people instead of 250 people.
  • Possibility of selectively duplicating the state.

The GB WhatsApp app is a highly modified app developed by an unofficial developer. This app is primarily designed to provide additional features and preferences. If you need to use it, you can download it from here.

By the way, let’s look at some additional features below.

No root access is required.
Unlimited stickers are available.
Check the message history of contacts and groups.
Audio clip size is now up to 100MB and video size is 50MB.
Copy anyone’s status with a simple click on the status.
Stop receiving calls from specific contacts or groups.
Can be locked without interfering with third-party software.
And many features are available in this chat app.

These are the key features of GB WhatsApp that you can find in the latest GB WhatsApp Update.

Antiban, which means that WhatsApp will not restrict you from using this app.
Ability to read deleted messages from the sender.
Use multiple accounts with this app.
Hide your status online.
Also, look after deleting other people’s status updates.
Freeze your last.
Easy customization with emojis and stickers.
Apply different new and custom themes and customizations to your app.
To download the latest version of GB WhatsApp, please see the article below.

An alternative platform for WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp has features that are not available in the original app. You can base your entire marketing and sales strategy on the possibility of using these new resources. But is an innovation worth the risk?
What is GB WhatsApp and why do people use it?
GB WhatsApp is a clone messaging application, which is very similar to the popular WhatsApp. In addition to working the same way, it allows access to contacts, even for those who do not have the app installed.

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The product is for Android only and can only be downloaded via an external APK. APK stands for Android Application Package and is a collection of files for this operating system.
The APK includes resources that are not included in the original application. It consists of compressed files, usually subcontractors, which may or may not respect the security and encryption principles of the original application.

Despite the dangers, many people are installing the app on their devices due to the lack of features in WhatsApp.

What is the appeal of GB WhatsApp?

One of the most attractive features is the ability to restrict access to unauthorized persons. By entering the PIN, you can protect the messages and content of the application.
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In addition, there are several features that are specific to GB WhatsApp, such as:

  1. Improved privacy options
  2. Option to hide the last scene
  3. Option to hide the delivered message
  4. Option to hide reading receipts
  5. Last hide option for specific contacts
  6. Use group names up to 35 characters.
  7. Use up to 255 characters instead of the traditional 139 characters.
  8. Send broadcasts to 600 people instead of 250 people.
  9. Distinguish between normal messages and bulk messages.
  10. Set up more than three chats.

How can you download GB WhatsApp?

The app is not available on the Play Store, so you need to enable the Unknown Source feature on your phone. You will need to visit an unsafe site and search for GB WhatsApp.
On the developer’s website, which is in Arabic, click “GB WhatsApp” and then “Download”. The file will be downloaded after your confirmation on the download page. Then just install and configure it.
It is important to remember that you must uninstall the original version of WhatsApp before any other installation procedure.
When you sign in with your phone number, you will be sent an OTP, which you must enter into the app. done
Now you have to make it according to your personal preferences.

What to Avoid in WhatsApp Marketing

Companies can take advantage of this strategy to strengthen relationships with their customers and even close sales. However, despite the immense marketing potential of WhatsApp, the Facebook Company has some policies that you must follow:

  • Do not fill in the customer’s inbox.
  • Don’t send unauthorized messages.
  • Don’t send messages at inappropriate times.
  • Avoid large downloads.
  • Without ads
  • Do not request or disclose payment information.

What is the safest way to use GB WhatsApp?

The answer to this question is obvious: it does not exist. There is no guarantee of privacy or security when you use this unofficial app.
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When choosing this option, the user should also keep in mind that it may be banned by Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp. You should weigh the risk of using a program that does not offer the same transparency and security as the original application.
GB WhatsApp is a mode for WhatsApp developed by Has.007, a senior member of XDA, and is based on WhatsApp Plus, a mode that WhatsApp has turned off. This mode allows you to customize WhatsApp in terms of appearance and features. You can use this app on your Android device without any hassle. This GB WhatsApp app is 100% safe to use. I have been using it on my android for the last 2 years.

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