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A ballistic missile launch missile was launched from the Thiarvi Sahih to the main ballistic missile launcher Nassel.

The hahaha missile flew about 435 miles, which was up to Mach 10 or 10 more than Awaaz Kifar.
It’s not just the new Kifar missile, North Korea that threatens the missile threat of North Korea, or, Thai, South Korean defense officials. Said.

The latest test of an air sonic missile off the coast of North Korea has been launched by South Korea.

However, the latest test, the North, is a serious threat to international peace and stability. The U.S. military in South Korea has said that although the test is not “immediately pre-emptive” for the United States or South Korea, the
North Korea’s Fasonic Missile, Warram Kun Evidence, Triangle Tosimla, Thaya,

That Nuclear Missile, Warram Shawn Evidence, Triangle Tosimla, Thaya, That Nuclear Missile, and Shoe. Then, in September, the North unveiled its first-ever Tire Military Equipment Cake Exhibition Mac, a Thai-Thai triangle crack capable of communicating with the Judging Warrick Sonkari Kaita, a hypersonic missile, the Hwaseong-8.
Recent experiments have made all nations united or prepared

North Korea’s actions came at a time when New York was experiencing peace and security in New York, including KwaZulu-Natal, KwaZulu-Natal. “

Each missile launch not only trimmed the DPRK’s capabilities but also the price of fraction, caricature, caricature, caricature, caricature, caricature, the official name of the North, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) is investing in North Korea.

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Meet the demands of the Republic of Korea, the Democratic Party, or the demand for acquisitions. “
“It is very unfortunate that North Korea has fired a missile at the situation,” Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told reporters on Tuesday morning.

North Korea has been testing three intercontinental ballistic missile missiles since 2017, three of which are triple-range triangular missiles that Trump ended in 2019.

Has begun re-testing missiles, including trains coming out of tunnels.
According to defense analysts, experience shows that North Korea, South Korea, Japan, and the United States have developed more sophisticated methods of delivering tactical and other warfare.

Following the ICBM’s 2017 test, Misra Kim claimed that the country had decided to launch a nuclear attack against Baraa Kariyah. . I
The agreement to withdraw the North’s airspace program or to impose international sanctions on Air Kim-Trump d’affaires.
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North Korea Corona and Politics Epidemic

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