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The military is trying to address the labor crisis caused by the epidemic, which has rocked the country’s economy with the biggest reward ever: $ 50,000.

In a statement Wednesday, military recruiting officials said the goal was to “emulate recruits who enter specific occupations and agree to be on active duty for six years. To attract competencies that compete for private companies.
“This is an opportunity for the people to look to the army,” the brigadier general said. General John Cushing said in a statement.


Millions of people in the United States voluntarily quit their jobs last year for fear of getting sick or not receiving childcare. Many large and small companies have responded with bonuses, increments, and other benefits.
Target and Walmart announce employee discount programs. Restaurant 401 (k) has started offering retirement accounts and profit-sharing agreements.

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White-collar professions are increasingly moving to more distant positions.
He used his enrollment bonus to reach $ 40,000 in the Army. But with 150 full-time and part-time jobs, military officers have added 10,000 10,000 to concessional packages.
For example, the Army stated that a rookie who enlisted as a member of the Air Defense and Anti-Missile Crew for six years would typically receive a ,000 40,000 bonus.
The military is now offering a کر 9,000 “critical access” bonus for this position, and an additional $ 1,000 if recruits attend training within 90 days.

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