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The relationship between the power or politics and literature is strong and everlasting in post-colonial studies, proposed by Edward Said in his 1978 work, Orientalism. Edward Said composes that writing cannot be separated from social settings. It is also considered that it is additionally instrumental in making discourse.

According to Ashcroft (1989)
“[t]hose who have power ha[ING] control of what is known and the way it is known” (Ashcroft, Griffiths, and Tiffing Post-Colonial Studies: The Key Concepts 63).

In fact, literature is the tool used by writers and authors to present the social realities. Even Edward Said claim that reality and literature are produced by one another therefore they cannot be separated and remain the same. He mentions it in Orientalism  

Just as none of us is outside or beyond geography, none of us is completely free from the struggle over geography. That struggle is complex and interesting because it is not only about soldiers and cannons but also about ideas, about forms, about images and

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The text ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ by Moccasin Hamid may also be considered as the general movement of resistance. The historical backdrop of Pakistan and the writings it produces give an especially rich postcolonial setting as there was not just one extraordinary inundation and mass migration of colonizers (in spite of the fact that the range was a piece of British India), 

yet the area has been liable to layers of dominion and infringement by the United States and the Taliban among others powers, bringing about not a collective resistance and revamping account by once in the past quiet native[s] yet more frequently in multidimensional writings, tending to different guilty parties against national and individual self-assurance

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Further, these post-colonial texts serve as the revolutionary agents of opposition and also rebuild the forces of power or rule by keeping the local scenario and situations in center. In such a powerful age of media, fictional writings play a central role in the areas where the process of revolution or conflict among the powers is going on.

Such fictions and authors developed in such conditions love to portray those experiences which are suppressed ones. Kaila Sham also claims the belief in her essay ‘More Honest Than the Facts’ (2007) that fiction actually possesses more power in conveying truth than the non-fictional writings because of its portrayal on more emotional grounds and keeps the reader attached at the personal level. She further states,

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