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Restart Photoshop 
On the off chance that you’ve had Photoshop open for some time, things can simply get a piece made up for lost time. The most straightforward fix is to simply close and resume the application.
“Walk out on” is the most well-known technical support tip for an explanation: it frequently works, and Photoshop is no exemption. In case you’re working with huge documents or photographs, your PC needs to store a ton of information in RAM. This incorporates each record and its set of experiences, in addition to whatever else Photoshop needs to keep things running. The entirety of this can amount to many megabytes.

I’m simply refreshing my applications and Adobe Zii 6.0.2 have been turned out great, anyway isn’t working with LrC, I downloaded the update, ran it, shut it and ran Zii yet the application crashes when I open it. Has anybody discover an answer??

Well I went onto this system event viewer, they all say in the general section that the description for the event can’t be found, that the component that starts it isn’t installed or its corrupted. It’s installed but I don’t know how to repair it, if it is corrupted.
I have an Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600
and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 775M
on my Lenovo Laptop.
This is very frustrating as the previous version of CC worked fine for me for a year, and now the 2020 version wont even open, and my hardware is disabled in the old version, which never happened before the last update.

That crash is in your Intel video card driver, that could be an integrated GPU (especially on laptops) and not the main GPU.

Updating the driver from Intel’s website should help.

Went to Intel website, downloaded generic driver for my card, and windows wont allow me to install it. Tried to browse to disk for install but when I do it just pops up a message that says that the driver is already up to date…wont even try to install. I am reluctant to disable my Intel video since my laptop was built with it as a part of the system, what if I disable it and can’t get any video? Plus I feel like I shouldn’t have to change the entire configuration of my laptop just to run 1 program…. why can’t Adobe just fix this? I am paying for the program but now can’t use it without rebuilding my laptop? Very unimpressed and upset about this Adobe….

Indeed, in the event that the video card driver programming was working accurately, at that point this wouldn’t be an issue. In any case, the video card driver in your framework is smashing a direct result of bugs in the driver programming. On the off chance that you can’t refresh the driver programming to get the most recent bug fixes, at that point the main different options are handicapping the acting up GPU, or to totally debilitate GPU use in Photoshop. 

I comprehend that Photoshop is the obvious objective to fault, however the issue exists in the video card driver. Much of the time (99+%) refreshing the driver gets bug fixes made to the driver in the previous quite a while and illuminates the driver issues (GPU producers update their drivers consistently to address such issues). Be that as it may, in certain circumstances the PC drivers are secured by the framework manufacturer, or the issue is at a lower level (now and then BIOS, and on occasion awful silicon) and must be worked around.

Adobe has been trying all accessible GPU and numerous driver renditions endeavoring to impenetrable Photoshop against bugs in video card drivers and some GPU. With each arrival of Photoshop we add more code to evade known issues with GPU and drivers, and more diagnostics to recognize issues with the GPU and drivers.

So you’re not impairing the GPU to make it work with Photoshop or to evade an issue in Photoshop – you are debilitating the GPU on the grounds that the driver code for that GPU isn’t working effectively when utilized by applications like Photoshop. 

You could simply have experienced a driver bug in a game, a CAD program, or even an internet browser that utilizes the GPU to accelerate video translating. 

Likewise, if crippling the coordinated GPU works, that reveals to us more about the idea of the driver bug – and we can take that data to Intel (and perhaps Lenovo) to get the bug tended to appropriately.

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