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so I created this example account for the fashion industry and you can see they count has zero followers and zero likes on the post so I’m going to apply the techniques from the lightening methods live on this account so you can see the real-time results so I just added a few posts here to make it look like a real account otherwise no one will want to follow it and when you apply the lightening method to your own account I recommend you have at least nine posts with an all four bio and a profile picture so that your account looks real so let’s see if we can get twenty followers on this brand new account by the end of the video so let’s get started with step one and click on that account and follow that account then go into
the following list on that account and it has the biggest Instagram account with the most followers so follow the accounts in that list one by one and don’t follow more than 30 in one go and the reason is because Instagram has a limit on the amount of people you can follow and unfollow per hour and also per day so stick with around 40 here and as you can see within one minute we’ve already got four followers here so let’s wait about an hour and then we’re gonna unfollow all of these people we just followed so I’m gonna pause the video and come back in one hour so it’s been about an hour you want to unfollow all the people we followed and you can see we’ve already got seven followers since the start of
the video so as you can see you can use step one to gain Instagram followers very quickly however they’re not targeted followers so in the next two steps of the lightening methods we’re going to look at how to get Instagram followers that are already interested in the content you’re sharing on your profile so let’s go on to step two so now I’m going to show you how to get followers on the Instagram which are targeted to your specific niche and these are the best type of followers you can get and they’re the ones that are going to be most engaged with your content and like and comment on your posts and I can also show you how to make money from Instagram in later
videos and you don’t need tens of thousands of followers to do it even so if you want me to make a video on that then leave a comment below saying make the video and subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss it so let’s go to the search bar and search for pages that are similar to yours in this case I’m looking for pages related to the fashion industry so in the search box I’m going to type profession and then I’m going to click on the accounts type here so this gives us the top accounts in our niche and I’m going to go to the big accounts that are influences in this niche so now we’re going to go to this one right here and as you can see 16 point 4 million followers so go to the most recent post here and you want to click on the people that liked
this post and then you want to just follow around 30 of the people in this list so let’s do that right now so these are active people that are interested in our niche so they’re likely to follow us back and like and comment on our posts as well so what you can do here is you can wait about one to two days and you can just unfollow the people that didn’t follow you back from this list
now again as I mentioned earlier there is a limit on your number of accounts you can follow and unfollow on Instagram per hour and per day so make sure you’re not following an unfallen more than 30 to 40 accounts per hour and no more than 200 to 300 per day in total so use this method carefully so I’m going to report back later on on the results of this so far we have 13 followers so far so now let’s move on to step 3 of the lightening method so go back to the search bar and search for our niche topic here in this case I’m going to search fashion and then I’m going to click on the text tab right here so choose one of the hashtags here and open its page so
I’m gonna choose this one right here then
I’m going to click on the recent tab to see all the recent posts using the hashtag and I’m gonna scroll through here and find a post I like so I like this post right here I’m gonna click this one and then I’m gonna follow this person and then I’m going to leave a comment below saying hey I really like your content I’ll post similar stuff on my account too feel free to check it out and follow me if you like my content and I’m gonna post that so you want to repeat that for about 5 or 10 posts in the recent tab and you should get a couple of followers from that and as you can see we’re just gains another follower here so let’s move on to
step 4 a scree shout outs from relevant influencers so go to 
the Instagram search and click the accounts tab then search your topic in my case I’m going to search for fashion here so go through this list and just find pages with a similar audience size to yours and then once you find someone with a similar audience size to yours you want to click message here and you want to send a message like this so you want to just say something like hi I really love your Instagram feed and you’ll post on
topic whatever the topic is I have a similar page to yours in which I post about page descriptions so you can fill in the blank there I was wondering if you might be interested in giving us a shout out in exchange for a shout-out from us since we target
the same type of audience it will benefit the both of us so that’s the process and I’ll leave that little template for that in the video description and obviously you want to follow them write their post before you reach out to them if they give you a shout out you can get new followers this way so reach out to about 5 to 10 influencers on your topic with a similar audience size to you and ask them for a shout-out so reach the end of the lightening methods so as you can see right here we’ve reached our goal of getting 20 followers using a lightning method and
I just want to point out that as well as getting follow us here we also got likes on our posts as well which is awesome so you can use the Lightning there for 2 to 3 times a day so you can potentially get up to 50 to 100 followers a day using this method but just be careful that you’re not following a non following more than 200 to 300 people a day in total avoids your account can get flagged and also don’t be following another farming more
than 30 to 40 accounts per hour as well so if you use a lightning method every day you can easily get hundreds and then thousands of followers within a very short space of time and you want to use a mixture of the steps in the lightning method to look as natural as possible to the Instagram algorithm so for example a normal person will log into their Instagram account at random times a day they’ll follow different accounts
they’ll like photos send messages etc and all of this is done in a very random way there’s no pattern basically when they do this stuff so you want to replicate this as much as possible so that completes this video on how to increase followers on Instagram so as you can see using the lightning method you can gain Instagram followers very quickly in a short space of time I hope you guys like this tutorial

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