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I’m going to show you all the new features of In Design CC 2020 you can follow along by downloading the exercise files from the million board included in the description below also to jump to specific features you can use the time codes listed in the same place the first feature I would like to show you is a quite simple one and it
can help you to find similar images to the existing assets that you are using in your documents so if you select the photograph for instance you can right click on it and then choose find similar images now this is going to do a search on Adobe stock and the results will show up here in the CC libraries panel so you can see that we got quite a lot of examples here already to choose from and
the way Adobe stock assets work is that you can drag and drop them into your documents and just simply hold down the alt or option key to place into your existing frame and of course is going to have the watermark on it by default because it’s not a licensed asset if you want to license it you can just click on this little icon here on the top right corner now the cool thing is that the same feature works with vector graphics as well so you can again just right click and choose find similar images and based on the context or the contents of this selection we will get vector graphics in the results here on the right
I have been testing this feature quite a lot and it’s always giving me good matching results but of course you have to keep in mind that these are not free assets so you will have to purchase credits on Adobe stock to be able to make the most of it the next feature that I was also very excited about is that now finally in design supports scalable vector graphics or SVG files and these two here are already SVG files I can just show you in the links properties so this is also SVG here and the other image below it or graphic is also SVG now the good thing about these files is that they can be obviously scaled up and down without losing any quality on them just like with EPS files but these can also be used in the browsers so they are web compatible vector graphics and they are really popular so you will see them popping up in lots of places and the fact that
we can use them in InDesign means that they will work really well for online publication so when you start using the publish online feature these will work really well on all kinds of screen resolutions next up we have the variable phones which are now also supported in InDesign they were introduced into Photoshop first but now we have the same options here and there’s a few to choose from by default which is installed with the Adobe Creative Cloud applications but if you want to find some additional ones I included a link in the description below to a million odd board where you have the actual father I’m using here but also additional links to cool variable fonts that you can download and try out for yourself the one I’m using here is called Graduate which is a really cool one because it has so many attributes that you can change all you have to do is to open up your properties panel
when you have this text selected and then here you will see that this fund has so many different styles but you don’t have to pick and choose from them we have to do is to click on this little icon here this is giving you the attributes to the variable font and then you can start changing these attributes and you can see how it’s going to affect the font so in this case we have these variables which will adjust the width then we have an optical size we have the grade which is adjusting again the proportions within the characters then we have all kinds of additional well you see it look at this if I scroll down we have even things like contrast again it’s going to change proportions even have the seraphs option which we can adjust and then so many other options here but I’m going to show you this other valuable phone
which I also really like it’s called tiny now this one just has a single attribute so it’s called size in this case and I can even use the scroll up and down on my mouse to show you how it those little dots that makes up the font if we increase it too far it becomes completely illegible but it’s still a really fun fun to play around with now I want to show you a few more in the browser from the site called leaf fonts so this is the site I refer to where you can find and download so many other ones some of them are paid but you can also find some free ones just double check the licensing on the left side so the best thing about variable funds is that the creator of the font can decide
the attributes and in this case we have an attribute for the descender which are all of these attributes here you can see increasing decreasing and then a separate attribute for the a Sanders which are these details here which we can increase or decrease and then we also have an additional one for weight as I said it’s up to the font creator to decide on which attributes they introduce so here’s a really cool example where we have more stylistic attributes that can be adjusted like the bevel effect so if we can increase decrease that on the font and then we can also decrease or increase that depth effect which is called shadow in this case here’s another really quirky one the viand font with which we can control the wind direction and I think there is a version of this way you can control also the strength of the wind and finally one of
my favorite ones which is perfect for Halloween where we can control the temperature which means it’s starting to melt the font we can control the yeast so it gets thicker or get smaller I actually quite like it like this and then we can also control the gravity so it almost adds a perspective to the characters as if we are watching it or looking at it from below so once again variable phones can be really creative and it’s really up to the font creator to come up with cool attributes to add to them and I can’t wait for new variable fonts coming out in the future now that we have this option available in InDesign before we continue
I just wanted to let you know about our creative membership program for a small monthly fee you get access to over 200 hours of Adobe certified online training courses master all the tools and skills needed to become a professional graphic designer or illustrator as a pro member you will get mentoring from me and my team access to webinars student forum and creative briefs to help you build an outstanding portfolio Pro members can also download the project files for all of our YouTube tutorials sign up at the asana designer dot-com slash memberships and start your free trial today and now let’s head back to the tutorial last but not least we also have a really cool typographic feature introduced in InDesign CC 2020 called column guides
now this will work if you are using columns within a text frame and this is a feature you can find in the text frame options so when you have a text frame selected just use command or control B or you can go to object menu and find the same feature there so within text frame options as soon as you introduce columns this feature becomes available which you can find under column rules so for this text frame we have three columns and you can see I have this option turn on but if I take it off it just removes those lines between the columns but let’s take a closer look at the properties that we can assign here first of all we can increase or decrease the length of the rules I’m going to hold down shift key so we can see it faster increasing and decreasing so when I increase the length it is actually adding a vertical offset so
it’s going to start further away from the edge of the frame however if we go into – direction then we can go beyond the edges of the frame like you can see here at the bottom and on the top I’m going to set this back to zero and of course you can control the start and end points independently if you take off the chain we also have horizontal position offset so we can move it to the right or the left again if we are using – values which is also quite interesting and then
we have of course all the usual stroke attributes so here we have the weight we have the color that we change and we also have the usual type options for the stroke all of these settings can be saved into object Styles so if I click OK and then we go up here to the object Styles area and we choose new object style based on this notice that this option will come up under the basic attributes text frame column rule options so this means you can very easily define as a style which then can be reapplied in the same document or even other In Design documents so don’t forget if you want to test out these
new features in In Design CC 20/20 you can download the working file I’ve been using from the Miller note board included in the description below thanks a lot for watching like and share this video if you enjoyed it don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon to get notified whenever we release new videos click on the link on my right and start your membership today to get access to over 200 hours of training courses and personal mentoring by me and my team of creative professionals have fun learning guys and I will see you in the next one

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