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this week I will teach you guys how to do a simple business card design in Photoshop so hey guys welcome back to new design tutorial my name is Manny and like always you can find me on Facebook athletes a pro and today’s tutorial will show you guys another business card design I know we showed this before but today’s is a bit newer and a bit more refined and a better design overall so yeah I’m going to work with some fonts again the different I can sear and also take an existing logo and just change that into a new and more modern looking mobile so yeah let’s be right way into the tutorial it’s a good one okay so over in Photoshop you guys can see here on the right hand side again I have a layers palette already open and also a group and I want to show you guys 

how to design this I do not want to show you guys how to design this logo this is an existing logo 
I just read changed this a little bit and made it a bit more modern if you guys want to see a tutorial about below I’m keen to create something like that for you then okay so let’s start right away out with the first step basically it depends on what canvas size you want so for my client now he wanted a certain canvas size of here so let’s go to image image size of here or even canvas size would also do and if I go to centimeters you guys can see that is 8.5 to 5.5 on the height and width obviously 8.5 so this was my size um so there are a few different sizes out there you can have a look a little bit on Google what size you would like to take or if you maybe have a business card everybody has some business cards lying around try to have a look at that card and the size then you start right away out with fill a 

file sorry you go to new and you go over here and create under the custom setting so on a preset custom you can go to centimeter inches millimeters whatever you prefer maybe you want to have inches yeah I’m going to go with centimeters and then you just type it in here and type in your size and so maybe it’s 5.5 by whatever six point eight or eight seven something like that okay just remember it’s a comma not a dot then 300 dpi resolution so you have a nice high quality and yes background contents you can start with white if you want just hit OK and you can see there is our card so not working at all 

we have the wrong sizes but anyways you guys get what I’m meaning so this is how you create your canvas first of all and then you can obviously open your layer double click on here open it and you can start right away with the first layers which I will do now again on my second screen over here so let’s cancel this canvas again so it’s very simple just create a canvas size and once you’re ready you should have it completely on white okay so the next of that I will do is go to view new guides 50% a horizontal guideline here also if you’re completely new to this have a look on the channel I’ve created a few more tutorials teaching you how to get into the guidelines and also the basics for this let’s go back to view again new guide and vertical this time I’m also going to save 50% over here to place a guideline again ok great now we have again a centerpiece so we know this is our center of the card so half of this card here this area I want to use again for just typing the text the name of the client what position he’s in the company is telephone number website email and address the normal stuff you 

put onto the business card and then on the left hand side over here I want to place again more the branding and create a simple logo you kind of just obviously place the branding and have a sync simple design there okay let’s press command-d get out of the selection I’m also working with a Mac if you’re a windows person please press ctr when I say command OK great so that’s my first step now so just white canvas then we can maybe I’m going to do this quite quickly take a bit more time when you do this so it’s a bit more refined for me first of all I need to have the logo so I normally start out  large;”>right away with the logo let’s just go over 

here and find logo company I’m going to move this all the way to the top okay and this is our logo let me just quickly create another lay here this is just for reference quickly so you guys can see this is almost what the logo looks like and the size so normally I also spend time and look at the logo colors what they have so this is what I actually received em again it was gray inside then white or black the logo the starker and manufacturing and air conditioning see see that would be normally black I changed it to white but the logo had grey in here and also over here this a little bit of a greenish color with two keys so this yeah 

well it’s more greenish I think that’s the color that the logo was so I decided to write away go with a color cost into that direction let me actually show this to you guys as you guys can see over here worked again with the same color that we have here from these tools the summer of the group green type of style to melt a little bit again okay so as you guys can see here is again our before layer so this is just our normal canvas now for all of you who are new just the canvas and then I dropped in the logo remember the logo needs to be a PNG type of logo so again that the background can shine through and that you can place the logo on top so I started out right away with a rough design either sometimes we use around selections or again with the pen tool try to build something which I’m also going to do now so I want to select the pen tool over here and let me just go and have a look reference wise again maybe I’ll do another guideline first so go to the move tool and you guys can see the rule is here if you guys don’t have the rulers simply go to view and select rulers over here then select 

the map move tool and I might want to place some way over here one anchor point with the guidelines and one over here so this is very rough now when I explain in a minute this these guidelines are just here to help me to build a little bit of a straight line and to the side until where will I put my end points okay like I said I’m not calculating anything here when you do this please calculate and check that these steps are exactly the same otherwise it won’t work okay on a new layer I’m just going to select the pen tool and first of all going to place an anchor point now over here okay my first anchor point is set I’m going to continue and do maybe one over here maybe a little bit up actually anothern anchor point of here and go all the way back to here and I can complete this again so just clicking on the last anchor point that will complete the path also if you’re new to the pen tool have a look on the channel as the tutorial teaching you all the steps you need to know to work with the pen tool now you guys can see that 

this is not accurate at all I’m going to hold command now on the keyboard and select this anchor point of here okay it’s also giving me the guideline so maybe let’s just drag the guideline away a little bit and I might just use this up a little bit still have keeping that straight so again calculate this these areas need to be exactly the same this length and this length so this is all straight for your design okay let’s also accept that the guideline back okay great so that will be my first layer so again having a little stripe over here on that layer 18 which is thin again our new layer now I’m just going to click right click with the pen tool while I have the pen tool selected right click make a selection zero feathering okay and now I’m going to press M inside of that or just M for the marking tool rectangular marking tool or elliptical that doesn’t matter now inside of that selection when I hit right click and say fill okay 

with fill I’m going to go to color and I need to select the color store I’m not sure yet exactly the color because obviously I want to play a little bit with this but it was something with this green here okay let’s just select anything right now we’re going to say okay okay and that will be selected I’m going to press command D in order to getout of the selection so press command D here again and now for the next step what I want to do is put again take th move  tool put a little guideline tool here and here and my next line should go from here down to here and up again so maybe these sizes here are not accurate to these like I said before take a bit more time and calculate exactly on the ruler here the length of this this and this up here otherwise it’s not accurate okay create a new layer select the pen tool I’m just going to press P U on the keyboard set an anchor point set 

one down here another one okay that is not accurate down here so let’s just try and I’m going to fix that in a moment so from this anchor point inwards up and completing the path in order of just clicking at the last anchor point again with the pen tool okay so that is completed I’m going to go all the way down here and you guys can see here is my mess up that does not work at all so again the pen tool hold command on the keyboard and select this anchor point and again it’s interfering with our guideline so move that to the side and now I’m just going to drag it all the way down so it’s out of frame let’s zoom at and again it’s a bit big but yeah I’m going to work with that right now okay then people the pen tool right click make a selection zero feathering M for the marking and inside of that selection I’m going to say fill and this time we can choose the same color if we want or we can go a 

little bit lighter or darker let’s go a little bit lighter okay command D and out of the selection so right away you guys can see it looks like kind of effect of a little stripe here that has been bent you can either move this down in order for you to have this on the top or again if you want to hear new – maybe let’s rename that you can have that on top or at the bottom great so I want to at the bottom and then now obviously I want to fill this area still for the logo let’s select this and we also going to work with our colors in a moment okay let’s just select here the logo copy so we can move over a little bit this will this we can do in a bit first let’s go to view clear the guides and now I want to fill this complete area and that’s super simple under the new – layer here to select the new layer 

icon from down here you can move that all the way to the bottom and if you want you can also rename this right away to a background color or anything that you want then press B on the keyboard I’m going to go back into the pen tool mode put an anchor point over here here here and very roughly just go with my paths and completing the path right now right-click again make a selection zero feathering and it’s obviously underneath so now we’re going to select the final color this time the logo is activated already so I can this time also select the right color which is this one okay so with my foreground color picker here I might just go over to the logo yep and that’s still not the true colors but  

let’s select with that okay marking tool on the left hand side right click inside the selection fill and you can also here say foreground color over here okay command D get out of the selection and right away you guys can see that we have the same color as our logo over here so first of all the logo stands out I’m going to select the logo group over here take the move tool you can also do this with the cursors if you want and place this somewhere over here great now this works for me but still these stripes over here do not have the same color okay so what I will do is first o all on the new layer double click in order for us to get into the layer styles now under layer styles I’ll go to color overlay and in here you guys can see the gray also works nicely already with the logo so please pay a lot of attention to the color scheme okay under 

the color color overlay here and the blending mode normal in the gray patch just double click into this window and I’m going to select the same color now with a car eyedropper tool from our background but remember I want this to stand out so I might just push it down here a little bit in order to get darker but we still in same color tones almost it’s not really green green like I selected before ok and ok great so that is done now do the same effect again for layer new – 

a double tap color overlay into here select the same color and this time I’m just going to pick it up and go in a lighter version yup a little bit more maybe this certainly depends up to you so now you guys can see that this these two colors here lay a little bit better together with the background color I’m gonna say ok and ok ok so that is basically I’ll start now again now you have your logo and your background right and you can repeat these steps as much as you like you can also play with opacities and change things around a little bit the next step that 

I want to do actually right away let me just move this a bit to the side so you guys can see the layers palette which I find very important when you do a lot of editing here is that you basically put everything together in groups right away just to keep things simpler like you guys can see over here otherwise you just have ton of layers later and you don’t know what’s cooking so again what’s shift I’m going to press a background layer maybe actually let’s do this different way hold command press background color new to add 

new hold keep on holding command and I’m going to press command + G together in order to put it in a group so for the windows people again ctrl then right away I’m going to call this back ground layer or layout sorry actually layout okay and you know what I’m also going to take my layers back into my workflow here great so again you guys can see here’s our canvas let’s actually minimize this so you don’t see this canvas white background layer then we have our logo over herenow we’ll copy this might you get this you will most probably get from the client or have changed this yeah this depends on to you then the background over 

here and now let’s get to the next stage that I still want to do so this will be now again filter sorry view new guide and again horizontally or vertically I want to pay you make a guideline 50 percent horizontally so here’s our lines though this is a little bit small I would actually make this a bit bigger but again like I said it’s quickly here for the tutorial so you guys can see how to do the scaling is not perfect I would sit longer on this to get this perfect scale and the perfect sizes for the whole card now let’s select the text tool over here I’m going to also go all the way back to the top so we start fresh here with the layers and just make a big selection and first of all I’m going to right now the name of the person so it might be whatever the boss or 

some employee that works there Richard Starkey like that great now I just want to select another font let’s select everything and I’m going to go with Helvetica neue font just because it looks very clean and straightforward okay over on the character box if you guys on have the character box go to window and select the character box over here please ticket okay so another character box I’m going to switch off the italic mode and I’m not going to use the bold mode over here this I will use right away on the font itself hey also spacing too much I’m going to go here to the font styles and go with bold just normal bold great because the logo looks quite bold ish and also this font works really nicely with the this font over here so that’s why 

I also pick this font but normally for business cards I try to be very simple and straightforward with the business card designs now select everything I’m going to go to the tracking here and just push the name a little bit more together just looks a bit closer okay more refined and now obviously this is the his first name and then this is the second name and this one I will just do with the light mode so let’s go over here and just select light maybe that might be a little bit too much let’s actually go with it okay so last step is still selecting the right color so for this again black or gray for me it’s a win situation here because I can just go into the color picker area and select the gray that we have here from the existing logo if you want to I could actually push it down a 

little bit more just to stand out a little bit more but in this case I will go with the same gray as we have over here okay and accept it and now maybe let’s actually try this if I’m going to use the another guideline here smooth it over here take the move tool and the layer rich darker and move the Sun way into the center again remember take a bit more time when you do this place the guidelines correctly not like me just anywhere maybe you want to calculate the center also with another guideline over here which I’m not going to do now then I’m going to mess duplicate this layer in order for me to work quicker then I don’t need to 

go back in and create the same font same color search for everything it’s just quicker so I’m going to press command J duplicate this layer over here as you guys can see Richard Schrock copy this will be now maybe just the position or something I’m just going to write post then move that down obviously select the text tool select the whole font and maybe I want to continue with this very thin font over here so I’m just going to delete the front part and he will be most probably also the managing director or something okay managing and I’m going to yeah this you obviously need to find out before you do the card so managing director we have this over here I think I’m also happy with the spacing maybe sometimes then I will have another look at the spacing a little bit further apart and making it nice and small let’s go with something like this size is a bit smaller accept and move this little bit over okay and place that somewhere over here right so again Richard

stalker and then you have Managing Director so the position is right away as well I’m going to take this guideline move it down a little bit okay let’s zoom in a little bit here so we get it right away on to this point over here zoom out and now let’s also create a group right away so this is post and Richard Stark of the name I’m going to select it with command press command G together and just right here text and then maybe name so right now right away what this is on my card okay duplicate this we can do that in a moment I’m going to create a new layer from here okay new layer I’m going to go to the marking tool the rectangular marking tool and just make a rough selection over here wait first gonna take the move tool and select another guideline until here so I want to start and create a little block over here so let’s take the rectangle marking tool I’m going to click into here and make a nice selection something like this this doesn’t need to be perfect can be in any room that you like okay when it right-click inside of that selection and say fill again with our foreground color here to say 

okay now we can continue also with our other elements like the telephone numbers the web addresses and the normal addresses so for that easy again new layer over here and I’m going to create circles so this time elliptical marquee tool and I’m just going to hold shift on the keyboard so it’s equally expanding I’m going to make a nice small circle here again I’m doing this quite quickly this might be too small or too big for now I’m not sure I’m going to hit right click inside of that selection say fill fill up with the foreground color and the selection now I’m going to duplicate this for three time or another two times or three different dots so command J duplicate this once and again command J to duplicate it a third time okay take the layer 19 copy and just with the move tool I’m just going to move this down somewhere over here and then somewhere over here the third circle and until now I’m not sure where I’m going to place it I need to work the text a little bit to see this now there’s another technique that I want to show you guys how to get some really cool icons in here you can simply just go onto google and type into google something like location icon and then right away you will find something like this for instance so this I’m dragging right away out out of the web browser into Photoshop so over here you can see it still has a white background and I need to work a little bit on this so this is my first icon then I went back and found another one which is called again a world 

icon or internet icon and the last one that I still want is a phone icon great so they all have white in the background and I need to get rid of that obviously they will be super small so it’s alright if we couldn’t just copy it straight from the internet and just use the icon like that they are also a ton of websites that sell out professional icons and also that give you more in-depth or better icons so yeah if you want to go for that you can also have a look up have a look for professional icons um let’s start right away with the phone here I’m just going to select my magic one tool and over here select everything that is white on that picture and as you guys can see it already just clears out everything that I don’t want now when I hit right click select inverse so it’s basically just selecting the phone or let’s actually try the different way around I’m going to just say delete ok command D get out of the selection let’s actually kill both of these yeah we can just delete it like that and the edges also look good so far sometimes the edges don’t look good then I would go back in and find another icon so that’s my first one then the second over here select with W the magic one tool okay you need to just be on the right layer so like that and these little areas over here we’re going to select all of them and hit delete again okay 

command D get out of the selection and we have to have a look here is a little bit of white left that almost probably retouch quickly out here at the top it’s better so I’m going to zoom in all the way just take the eraser and clean out this area over here so like I said sometimes it’s better to find a little bit of better I can as well okay and E for the razor it’s a bit okay great that’s it zoom at add that to the side next last icon will be again W on the keyword for the magic one tool and delete everything command D get out of the selection for the razor to raise this little guy over here great so that’s a way now what I will start doing is obviously I want to have them also on white I don’t want them to be black on this circle so again I’m going to Briscoe press command II in order for this just to invert it you guys can see now also have a little bit of an edge if I’ll make this small quickly have a look if one sees that if not then I’ll just leave it like that yeah that’s fine okay so 

what I’ll do now is press command T on the keyboard and this will bring you into the transform mode I’m going to hold shift on the keyboard very important and select an anchor point here from the corners and now equally it’s a degrading here and I can make it nice and small and put it maybe here at the bottom because I’m going to have location as the last may be nice and small like that okay and place that here great and the same step we want to repeat now just for the world icon so again when I add okay the edge is really hard here press command T have a look if I’m going to make this a bit smaller and also shift a little bit smaller and accept that and move it all the way to the top it doesn’t look too nice stealing a little bit of the black a simple technique here double-click onto the layer go back into the layer style and now with stroke you’re going to select stroke option first we’ll set the color to white okay and now in the position you go to inside right and then not eight pixels just one pixel okay so 

I know now you guys will actually see the numbers and everything but that doesn’t really matter so you guys can see here is the first logo design obviously the logo is now missing is addresses and everything and then obviously my quick design now without the full addresses and again the logo over here let’s actually take this out I want to show to you properly move it in here and I can show too like this great let’s switch this on and we can switch this off over here there you go and you guys can see that as well so super easy tutorial how to do this again anybody can design this you don’t need illustrate if you just want to create a quick design with this and yeah that’s basically it yeah so as you guys can see

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