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Top 5 2020 Phones That Will Change The GAME!

the 2020 iPhone with a 6 point 7 inch full screen display 2 depth camera system and face light sensor are placed in a minimal top bezel obviously this is a render so actual product might have a bit thicker bezel realistically I don’t think it’s gonna

 be situated in that thin bezel but it will have a better design compared to what we have right now one thing for sure is that Apple is aiming to kill the nos once and for all that 2017 design will finally be put to the rest now once again this is an early prototype Apple could go with a punch hole design we don’t know about that one thing confirm big design change is about to happen now according to ISO suniverse Apple is in talks with Samsung and LG for a 120 Hertz promotion AMOLED display Apple might be jumping on the higher refresh bandwagon with next year’s iPhone considering the success of the oneplus 7 family both Apple and Samsung will be aiming for higher refresh rate displays next year so other leagues also point to a built-in 5g support across all the

 iPhone models and finally is switch to a USB type-c port along with all this Apple could also bring the touch ID back with implementation of a 3d fingerprint scanner now that on the iPhone models Apple has also plans for a foldable iPad we recently saw a design patent it looks interesting but most likely this will not gonna happen next year so foldable iPhones are foldable iPads might come in 2021 next up we have samsung galaxy s 11 the Samsung is going all-in with the Galaxy S 11 we’ve  the camera sensor size that has been the same since the galaxy s7 so it’s truly going to be a generational camera upgrade some latest news from Korea says that Samsung could use its 108 missile sensor along with a 5x optical zoom

 going to be on an AMOLED display and Samsung is known for making the best AMOLED displays in the market as for latest leaks Samsung will be making a massive improvement to its in display fingerman scanner according to the source the scanning area will get considerably larger from 36 square millimeter on the s 10 to 64 square millimeter on the S 11 ICUs further said that Samsung is also developing in neural processing AI engine for photos which will works or

 like apples deep fusion it works by capturing abreast of images combining them to produce a single image with the crispiest pixel and that’s all going to be done  refresh rate will be one of the biggest changes with the Galaxy S 11 family number three we have galaxy fold do that’s been known for a while that Samsung is working hard on the next generation of galaxy full device the original galaxy fold had some issues in the start but now it is shipping Samsung has fixed a lot of things and right now there is no known report of any incident happening so same thing is pretty confident and moving towards the next generation of galaxy fall you said to have a eight inch display and integrated 5g modem a bigger battery along with the camera setup similar to the Galaxy S 11 family and most importantly Samsung will be

 upgrading the design even further improving the durability and launching this particular version worldwide unlike the Galaxy fold this will be widely available in all the different markers just like the Galaxy S and the note flagship according to one rumor the next generation of galaxy fold could also have the support for the s-pen so other than the galaxy fold do Samsung will be releasing a galaxy W 25 G phone in China is said to be their next foldable phone it will be based on a traditional flip phone design rumor says that it could pack is six point seven is foldable display with another skin on the rear for when the device is flipped close I CW series will again be exclusive to China but the fall two is definitely the next big thing speaking of galaxy fold do we have its archrival B mate X the second generation

 Huawei’s R&D department is also hard at work at their next gen full Buffone the mate x2 rough designs but let’s go digital shows the stylus being housed in the USB type-c port other design cues also look more refined and the whole device seems a lot thinner as well as for the release date the mate x2 is expected to get launched in q4 of 2020 regardless of what happens with us Huawei is going strong in China May 30 already has above a million sales according to guava so if they launch the mate x2 in

 China I think it’s going to be a pretty good deal now next to the list is a phone that is equally exciting as a foldable phone this is the only product on this list that has been officially announced and that is the Xiaomi me mix off on 5g it’s something we have never seen before the mimics of a 5g pax is surround display which wraps around the whole phone resulting in a whopping one 80.6% screen to body ratio other than that it is going to have in all litters and great aspects of this generation including a 108 missile camera sensor board by Sam’s thing here will be Xiaomi is most expensive phone ever coming in at $3,000 the mimics alpha will get launched in December 2019 and it will get start shipping in the early 2020 in limited numbers calling to one source Xiaomi has only made about 500 units of this so it’s gonna be a super rare phone to have

so now last but not least we have the Huawei P 40 pro guys once again whatever happens with us Huawei is not going anywhere at least they have a strong sales growth in China which will help them to release the p40 family so it’s coming in 2020 rumors suggest that Huawei will be ditching the nosh and opting for a punch hole all that design it would be who always first phone to have a OLED hole punch display similar to the galaxy assistant family and along with that they will be bringing a much more refined version of the waterfall display the Hawaiian made 30 Pro has a waterfall display but because of that no it’s not giving the note 10 plus any challenge when it comes to the looks the note n plus still feels like

 the best phone of 2019 when it comes to the looks and the premiumness but Huawei can turn things around with a whole bunch OLED display along with a waterfall screen wow I will also be bringing the Queen 1000 chipset which is going to be based on 5 nanometer process it’s gonna be one of the first chipset for mobile world to come with a 5 nanometer process and the made 40 pro is said to be the phone to have

 exciting because of its big design change as well as some new camera movements so that’s all we have for 2020

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