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Samsung Galaxy M30s unboxing and key features

the samsung galaxy m30 is it’s a
mid-range ER with a whopping six
thousand milliamp hour battery an AMOLED
screen and a forty eight megapixel main
camera so what are we waiting for let’s
check it out
well let’s get this box open it’s a bit
stuck whoops
so now that I’ve destroyed the box what
have we got here a package with
and under that the phone itself the
sapphire blue finish looks pretty nice
you can see some hints of green mixed in
under here we have some package 3.5
millimeter earbuds then there’s a 15
watt charger and the charging cable oh
yeah and the sim tool so now that we
have the galaxy m31 school for its key
features first up that gigantic battery
battery capacity has been getting bigger
and bigger these days but there still
aren’t many phones that can compare to
the m30 s is six thousand milliamp hour
power pack we expect nothing less than
outstanding battery life we’ll run our
proprietary battery tests and give you
the results in our full review even
though the battery is huge it isn’t too
bulky the m30 s is form factor still
looks rather sleek and premium even
though the body is actually made of
plastic unfortunately the large capacity
doesn’t come with matching fast charging
filling up this battery with a bundled
15 watt charger may take a while next a
large AMOLED display the Galaxy m36
point 4 inch Super AMOLED display with a
1080p resolution and a small notch cut
out for the selfie cam this screen is
flat not curved and looks plenty bright
is the same display that we saw in the
galaxy 850 all in all pretty nice for
this price range third on the list a
solid mid-range chipset the m30 s runs
on an axis 96 xi chipset a newer version
of the Exynos 96 10 inside of the galaxy
a 50
performance should be reliable and most
games should run okay although this may

not be enough to satisfy heavy gamers

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