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 hey guys what’s up today I’m gonna  how to use multi accounts in an Android phone we always get in trouble in using multi accounts in Android phone like if you have two accounts in words that you can use in your home I’ll and if you want to play some games into two accounts you can so for that
just click on add apps now now you have to click on the apps you want to go on it takes some time okay so I want to convert apt a spammer space okay guys now open it it will start with up again in now it required your new number our new ID

okay so your third but you can keep to ask in one form means you can see I also complete several sounds you can do same as I did in Palo space it’s just a upgraded version of aerospace aerospace light so I hope you guys like this video please share it as much as possible now I can add whatever game or anything I want to play with different account I thank you guys have a great day

a fantastic Android application it’s name is peril space this app allows you to create multiple accounts on your Android device install apps in a private space and secure them with a password in short you can play or connect to Facebook with two different accounts and the best part is never root is needed so guys let’s get started let’s go to play store tap on it

ok I searched for parallel space multi account once okay here tap on parallel space melt account ok as you can see this app is free and there is no in-app purchases and already a 10 million downloads tap on install except now the app is downloading almost there
 installing good

is taken longer than expectedokay it’s done you can click on top on open here or you can go on top on the shortcode so let’s stop open sorry open okay here is a small tutorial it explains how to use the app the benefits of the app balance between your work and life play two roles with two social accounts incognito installation install apps only in parallel space to protects privacy actually it’s it’s a good applet’s get started okay as you can see this is the parallel space space here because it’s the first run of the application it asks you to choose an app that you want to add so start with Facebook okay
Facebook my require messenger to function properly

oh boy here the messenger so before opening Facebook and compare it to my other accounts so let’s give our this app’s options here you can click to add other apps

 let’s stop more okay here you can clone apps that are already installed those herbs okay let’s like dragon city like Google Drive like fruit ninja and other stuff yeah so let’s add like subway surfers okay it’s done now you can run subway surfers with it’s a new account what

 okay let’s see the other options here of notifications okay you can receive notification from the applications cloned in parallel space you can secure your panel space with the password the pattern we look for is the task manager okay here the games running on Android operating systems here the apps running on parallel space and here the free Ram okay let’s see we don’t have any app to stop actually Google Play Store and Google Play services are Colonna directly so you can put all apps in a private mode okay store it

here as you can see the storage occupied by Android or operating system parallel space and the free space as you can see there is no abs installed and parallel space directly yet here is frequently asked it questions feedback and settings in settings you can swipe into a parallel space you can activate this option you can invite friends join goggle follow us on Facebook follow them on Facebook actually Google Play services and about this software well let’s take a look on Facebook

 okay let’s login this since this is a new account just the test account I don’t have any friends okay this is Facebook account inside for one bus place okay so let’s go and take a look on the same apps and stand on the other side without power space okay let’s kill all the us directly start with Facebook this is my other account okay my friends
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