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This is the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G version. the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G version.

  The design is the same as the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

 The front and back are made from glass and the frame is made from aluminum. The back glass reflects and is similar to a mirror.
 The cameras have a vertical design and are located in the top left.
 The front is occupied by a screen with a cutout in the top middle for the front facing camera.
 The design is elegant, but it is big to hold in one hand.
 You’ll need some time to get used to it as it is a little bigger than the 10 Plus.
 The screen is curved 6.8″ Dynamic AMOLED with 3040×1440 resolution.
 It comes with 498ppi
 It occupies 91% of the front the device.
 The screen supports HDR10+ and Always-On display.
 When activated, the notification will appear on the screen while it is turned off.

 The device comes with 4 rear cameras.
The primary one is 12MP with an interchangeable aperture: F/1.5 and F/2.4 The second camera is ultra wide 16MP with an F/2.2
 The third is Telephoto 12MP with an F/,21 aperture.
 The fourth is the ToF 3D VGA sensor for better isolation and details.
 The front facing camera is 10MP with an F/2.2 aperture.
 The photos have lots of details and sharpness, the lightening is good and the saturation is balanced.
 Using the ultra wide lens will provide a cooler colors.
 Despite that, the quality of the photos is still excellent.
 By the way, the Ultra wide lens provides 123 view degrees, similar to the human eye.
 The HDR is great and balanced.
 The results are satisfying.

 Usually, the colors are more saturated than needed, but it is a personal preference.
 Portrait photos are very satisfying, and it could be better than most of the phones in the market.
 It also supports night mode with the ultra wide lens and the primary lens.
 The results vary: sometimes they have lots of noise, and other times the photos are very sharp.
 But with more experiments, you’ll get satisfying results.
 The videos with the rear cameras are very good. The colors are a bit warm and the OIS is good.
 By the way, the cameras support OIS.
 And when you zoom on a person in the video, the device will activate the audio zoom too.
 The cameras support the Super Steady feature, which provides better stabilization while shooting videos.

 You can also change between lenses while shooting a video.
 But you won’t be able to use this feature with 60fps, even with FHD and 4K.
 The front facing camera supports wide and ultra wide mode.
 The results are good.
 Portrait photos vary depending on your background and lightning.
 The selfie camera supports [email protected]
 It also supports slo-mo up to [email protected] The result will be very beautiful.
 The camera on this 5G version is excellent. It shoots 4K videos.
 Which is really good.

 Let’s try the camera with different light settings.
 The results are very balanced.
 The is a nice feature when using the Note 10 Plus 5G front facing camera.
 I am trying the ultra wide lens now, where you can see more content. This is Tech Pills studio.
 You can get great results with the rear cameras on this device.
 This is how the cameras perform with different light settings.
 Let’s try the wide lens. You can change between lenses while shooting a video, which is a great feature.

 The cameras support AI.
 It also supports Video Bokeh mode with different modes.
 Let’s talk about the CPU.
 It comes with the Exynos 9825 CPU with 8 cores and 7nm build. It is for the Middle East.
 The GPU is the Mali-G76 MP12.
 By the way, it supports Vapor Chamber Cooling System which is great for demanding games without heating the device.
 In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 750 points in single core and 2587 points in multi cores.
 And in Antutubench mark, it scored 387193 points.
 In PUBG and CoD testing, it directly went to the best settings. You’ll get the best performance out of this device.

 The RAM is 12GB, and the onboard storage is 256GB
 The device supports a SIM card and as SD card up to 1TB.
 It runs Android Pie with One UI from Samsung.
 With this UI, you will get features like split screen, night mode, and the S Pen offers lots of other features like memo taking.
 You can write on the screen, and the Pen supports gestures.
 You can control the camera with the S Pen. Also you can control the Youtube app.
 It also supports Bixby, and Samsung decided to ditch the button as you can access it now by long pressing on the power button.

 You can also customize the button to your preference.
 The device comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor.
 Its performance is satisfying.
 It also supports face recognition, but by using the camera as it doesn’t have dedicated sensors. I don’t advise using it if you care about your privacy.
 Speaking of the fingerprint sensor, you should buy an original screen protector for the fingerprint sensor to work correctly.

 It supports bluetooth 5 and WiFi 6.
 It also supports NFC and compatible with Made Pay
 One of the most important features of this device is the 5G support.
 We tested 5G with a local carrier and the best speed was 761Gbps.
 I was able to reach 1000Gbps in some areas.
 But you’ll need to know if your carrier supports these frequencies.
 The 5G is the best feature on this device.
 By the way, the difference in speeds is expected at this time all over the world.
 The speeds are different. It depends on how far away are you from the network tower and your version of the device.

 This device is supposed to give you the best 5G performance.
 For your information, the 5G devices consume more battery than other devices.
 We’ve gone through this before with the transition from 3G to 4G. It consumes more battery.
 If you use your device intensively, you’ll need to charge your device 2 or 3 times a day.
 Some users decided to turn 5G off and only use 4G to save battery and be able to use the device for a full day.
 Hopefully, these information have helped you decide to buy it or not.
 Keep subscribed and let me know if you enjoyed these information. Comment what you think about it.

 The device also supports IP68 water and dust resistant.
 Also the Pen is supported. The Pen has its own battery and it charges off the device when docked.
 The device has stereo speakers and support Dolby Atmos and its performance is good.
 The battery is 4300mAh and it charges up to 45w.
 But the charger that comes in the box is 25w.
 It is also a fast charger, but not as fast as the 45w.
 After 2:40 minutes the device charged up to 6%, and after 3.30, it charged up to 8%.
 In 15 minutes, it charged up to 33%, and after 30 minutes, it charged up to 66%.
 The charger that comes in the box is really good.

 It supports wireless charging and reverse wireless charging.
 The box contains a cover, charger, charging cable, headphones and USB to USB-C adapter.
 The price is 4999 SAR.
 The rest of the prices are shown on the screen.
 It comes with silver, white, black and blue colors.
 Pros: it supports 5G. The performance isn’t satisfying as the speeds are not good and it consumes battery.

 The build quality is excellent. Samsung always make great Note devices.
 This device is great for businessmen and those who use the Pen intensively.
 Reverse wireless charging technology is also great.
 Pros: the device is big. You should try it before you buy it.
 Also 5G consumes battery. But I already mentioned it.
 This is the end of this video. It is a great device from Samsung. it is the way for the future.
 It is not something everyone should buy ‘now’.
 But those who will buy it will enjoy it.

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