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iPhone 11 Pro Review 2020

welcome to the review of the iPhone 11 Pro right off the bat I don’t really agree with the names I don’t think there’s enough pro about these phones that could have been to warrant putting pro in the name but the names don’t really matter what does matter is these are the highest end phones that Apple makes right now in 2019 the truth is these are mostly pretty familiar phones to last year which was also pretty familiar to the year before but you already knew that

 what’s new is Apple’s really focused on four major things for this new iPhone so the design barely the new display slight upgrade the battery life major and these new cameras so the design does grow on you not gonna lie we saw those renders and the models and nobody thought they were pretty including me but as usual getting them in your hand and actually looking at them in person is a different thing and it doesn’t look horrible I love the new matte finish I think that helps a lot the way it looks the way it feels even if it is technically a little bit slippery than glossy I will take a matte option in any phone every time the camera square is a weird looking part I’m just happy we got memes out of it and it’s funny for whatever reason the camera square looks indented even though it’s sticking out it’s all cut from one piece of glass and it’s kind of like this weird optical illusion I guess but this is the design that Apple is crafted for the iPhone 11 pro camera bumps in a camera square and yes it rocks slightly when it’s on a table Apple does say that this is quote the toughest glass in any smartphone I’m not gonna test that but let’s be real glass is glass so you definitely want to protect it or at least the pixel 3 is a matte black glass that this reminded me of so the matte finish and the camera layout are the only really new things back here with the design if it comes down to it if you don’t want to have to think about it anymore or just want to avoid any chance of fingerprints or scratches you can grab a grip from our channel sponsor D brand and this matte black robot skin on it is actually a limited edition thing so link below if you want to check that out but around the front of the phone it’s gonna look like almost exactly the same thing as last year same screen sizes and resolutions same notch same bezels literally you could put it next to lasya stone and you might have a hard time telling which ones which this is the new one here so this is what’s actually different apples said they’ve improved face ID to be up to 30% faster in the same space and work at a larger variety of angles I can vouch for a tiny bit faster and you’ll only really notice this if they’re side by side with the old phone but you know what I’ll take that improvement anyway because it’s for security and that’s better than nothing but the variety of angles thing I don’t know about you but when I read that I was hoping that meant it could sit on a table in front of you and still read and unlock your face like it couldn’t before but it still doesn’t do that

 unfortunately you still got to do that lean onto whatever service the phone is on to unlock it so I’ve noticed honestly no improvement here in the angles that’s basically the same Oh than that the buttons are very very slightly lower on each phone I don’t know if anyone else has shown that but that’s true I guess maybe it’s a little easier to reach and they’ve also upgraded the water
 resistance a bit it’s still IP 68 certified and this phone is very
 slightly thicker and heavier I didn’t really notice the thickness but I did notice the weight especially in the Promax this big phone is 20 grams heavier than last year and I could tell it’s a bit of a chunker but you know what that’s perfectly fine because battery life is back to being excellent on this phone as a result this is also achieved by getting rid of 3d touch so r.i.p Apple watch is really the only new Apple product now with 3d touch shipping in it but by getting rid of that
 pressure-sensitive display hardware that’s allowed more space in the phone for a bigger battery it’s true the tear downs have shown it the battery is bigger so that’s why the battery
 difference from the 10 R to the 11 was one hour that’s just a 13 Bionic
 improvements but the improvement from the 10 s to the 11 Pro was four hours because getting rid of that 3d touch Hardware has left room for more bigger batteries I don’t know if I can measure that four to five hour

 claim but from my experience battery life has been excellent I’m getting you know my use of super high brightness high-end everything on all the time I’m getting seven to eight hours of screen on time and
 full day of battery pretty much every day on this phone so that’s really impressive
 you can probably kill it in a day but you’d have to really try now back to that display for a second I mentioned they got rid of 3d touch this has been mostly replaced by haptic touch which is essentially long presses that bring back almost all the functionality from 3d pressing it’s not quite as good as the peak and pop was but I hardly use that anyway and there’s also something new about the display specifically that it can hold a higher 800 nits of brightness and at small points for brief moments can peak up to 1200 nits which is incredible on a smartphone display and also it’s up to a two million to one contrast ratio so of course they had to name it they named it the super Retina display XD are the name is pretty lame but the display is impressive again indoors and outdoors now could you tell the difference side-by-side with a 10s watching a YouTube video or playing a game or even scrolling Instagram

 probably not but there are certain times certain times when watching a movie or something in HDR where you can notice that improved brightness and it looks great and the sound is also pretty good thanks to the improved speakers even though there is still a notch you know the highest end iPhone display has always been pretty great and this is no exception it’s better again but I can’t help but think what would customers have noticed more a slightly improved
 brightness or shrinking the notch a bunch you know that’s something we’ll get more into later for now what you need to know is the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Maxx have even better awesome high resolution OLED displays again and they’re also a bit more efficient contributing to even more battery gains so that’s worth it oh and the specs they almost don’t matter on an iPhone review but since people are always curious it is the new a 13 Bionic chip this year which is excellent and four gigs of ram in these pro phones according to
 Geekbench it’s still extremely fast as any new phone should be most of these improvements over the a12 are just gonna help these stay faster for longer and as it’s been said they’ll be appreciated more near the end of the phone’s life than the beginning all right I almost can’t believe I made you guys wait this long

 for the cameras so clearly the cameras are if you’ve watched any of the ads or any of the presentation videos these cameras are the main focus for the iPhone 11 Pro yes that’s a pun so you’ve seen it we’re looking at triple cameras now three new sensors so you have the primary 12 megapixel sensor a 2x
 telephoto camera and a 0.5 X ultra wide camera about a 120 degree field of view and it’s true the iPhone 11s cameras are a big improvement over the 10s in broad daylight I would go as far as saying this has been an A+ camera often taking the best sharpest and cleanest photos I’ve seen a smartphone take colors are great they’re realistic so not to over processed dynamic range is excellent and of course with subjects their tonal mapping is next-level it’s really good which helps it of course in tougher shooting scenarios where it’s improved a lot over the tennis so the typical iPhone 11 pro photo is I think the closest to what the human eye sees of any smartphone camera and I’m including the pixel on that which tends to be a little contrast here a little more dramatic but then of course the ultra wide camera finally I’ve been waiting for this I’ve been waiting to see what an iPhone ultra wide camera would look like LG done it Samsung did it motorola did it

 Asus did it one plus did it Huawei did it everyone had already done in ultra wide we just wanted to see basically what Google and Apple would do with their new cameras so we finally have an iPhone ultra wide and it’s uh it’s fine it’s pretty good it’s actually really fun the main advantage should be
 consistency with the other lenses and color wise white balance wise it is it’s very consistent but in quality and detail thanks to the smaller sensor and slower glass it is still noticeably a step down it’s softer there’s a little more noise reduction doing more
 smoothing on the ultra wide camera so it’s just generally not as good quality as the main camera which is to be expected but that doesn’t stop it from being awesome to have for these new fun perspectives and all the awesomeness that comes with an ultra wide camera the new UI also in iPhones camera app is improved for the first time in a while you know they simplified a few controls brought them to the bottom where you can reach in with one hand

 and now when you open it you get a preview of what’s gonna show up in the ultra wide if you switch to it but I I don’t really want that there I think it’s kind of cool that it shows what you could see but when I just want to take a normal photo it’s kind of distracting it lags behind a little the actual framing and it’s not perfectly aligned all the time so I want to turn it off but I can’t it will fade out automatically when it detects that you’re taking a photo of a close-up subject since I guess it recognizes that ultra wise are more for landscapes or faraway subjects and then it’ll come back automatically when you put that close subject away but yeah I want to be able to just shut it completely off haha there’s also now finally a dedicated night mode which turns on automatically when it thinks it’s dark enough but sometimes it’s kind of dim and it doesn’t turn on when you want it to but there’s no way to

 manually turn on night mode which isn’t very Pro but ok when you do get it turned on the UI is excellent it gives you exposure equivalents so you can turn up or down live and it will go for way longer times if it detects you’re on a tripod or stabilized and you can see the picture sort of brighten up as it’s being taken almost like it’s exposing the frame in real time which is pretty sick and the shots you can get now at night and in low-light on the iPhone are very good there’s no clear overall winner I think for best night mode right now in my opinion they all sort of do it a different way here’s my take night mode is good enough that I wish I could turn it on more often I think the natural curious comparison here is with pixels nitesite the pixel definitely tends to brighten up photos more and bring shadows up bring highlights up you can it’s it’s more of like a nighttime to daytime transformation sort of situation happening there with pixel where the iPhone is a bit more true to life and then it’s also taking what I think are the most detailed sharpest low-light photos of any smartphone even more so than a pixel but in dim light it just it doesn’t turn on very much and there is no night mode in the ultra wide camera so really it’s a great start but no doubt it can get better over time I think this will make a really good blind smartphone camera test if we if we do like a separate bracket specifically for phones that have a dedicated night mode now

 which is a lot of them I think they could be really good but just in general I am really happy that there’s this new focus on smartphone cameras I feel like the last year of presentations of smartphones have had more time spent on the camera than any other feature and they’re all just fighting against each other to try to make the best possible camera to put in our pockets and we win from that the iPhone 11 Pro still does the best video of any smartphone that’s still pretty clear to me and they’re also making it easier now in the UI to just quickly start taking a video so if you see something you like you open the camera up and just hold down the shutter button and it just starts recording so just like Instagram or snapchat and if you want to lock it into video recording you just drag it over to the right and it’s hands-free you’re taking a video but yeah in the photo front their competition is pretty stiff and it’s coming from all different directions we’re about to get pixel four we just had the new Huawei mate 30 Pro come out one plus 70 is right around the corner you can count on that stuff and then I just want to touch on iOS 13 for a second so I’ve been using it in beta on my iPhone 10s Macs before this came out so I’ve already used the things you get again here like dark mode and the long presses and quick settings and stuff like that it’s great a bunch of little tweaks here and there but I gotta say it has been kind of buggy I’ve had some weird issues with lock screen controls just not showing up sometimes sometimes the camera app just freezes all together until I close it and then I’ve had some other weird app issues with like the Tesla app and Instagram app but now those are fixed so yeah I should

 definitely mention that hopefully iOS 13.1 and future software updates will iron a lot of this stuff out otherwise its iOS as you’d expect it also for those wondering the U one chip in these new phones which should again basically give you ultra wideband signal for referential locating of other u1 enabled devices and should improve airdrop that’s not enabled in this version of the software I think that’s also coming in 13.1 aside from that we don’t really know what else it does so generally the software experience of the iPhone is pretty much unchanged same UI same feature set you already know what it is nothing is dramatically or drastically different here beyond I think night mode so I’m not super surprised here look you you probably don’t need an iPhone 11 Pro but it is a great upgrade like this actually went a lot of these

 improvements even though they’re small are on such core functional things to normal people like speed battery life and camera like if you were to ask normal people what they care about the most in their phone it’s those things but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again a lot of the features that I was looking forward to especially when we heard was gonna be a pro phone are just not here and that’s got me hyped way too early for this 20/20 I phone or the iPhone 12 or whatever they call that and actually new design shrinking the notch maybe USB type-c of course a high refresh rate promotion display that would have been super Pro putting touch ID back underneath the display glass reverse while I was charging any of these things in this phone would have been would have would have felt a little more pro and would have maybe made it worth the name or just felt really cool to have but of course none of it

 happened so really the focus for this new iPhone 11 Pro has come down to the a13 the battery life the slightly improved display and just these new cameras you want it you got it if you’re just someone who wants the best possible camera in your phone or if you do a lot of video creation or if you’re a pro content creator on your phone then you’re gonna be really happy with this phone with the new iPhone classic or even with the new iPhone 11 non pro which is $300 cheaper and has the same cameras and same processing and a great battery life – the telephoto but again that much cheaper price

 that’ll get its own review but I’ll say as a whole the iPhone 11 pro is a really great phone and unless you have the 10s is probably worth the upgrade just for the love of cameras but really the big looming reason for someone like me not to get this phone is the 20/20 iPhone or the next iPhone

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