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 iOS Updates & Galaxy With 8K Camera 8 

More iOS updates What is telemedicine?Huawei updates extended and Mate 30 will be available in Europe OnePlus 8 leaks with 4 rear cameras Galaxy S11 leaks, Note 10 Star Wars version and 108MP camera Tik Tok exceeds 1.5 billion downloads Our visit to Snapchat lens event Open Source platform released in KSA Motorola, Beats headphones and the latest channel news Sudden Apple event to honor apps developers

 Let’s start it with Apple. iPhone receive a new iOS update. Weren’t you expecting it?
 The update is 13.2.3
 This update brings new fixes, enhancements and bug fixes. It also fixes the problem with updating apps.

 Apple have been sending lots of iOS updates. We’re not used to Apple sending this amount, but on the other hand, these updates fix lots of bugs.
 iOS 13 is now more close to Android OS.
 In the previous episode, I said what if you live in a distant village with lack of medical equipment.
 There is also a patient that must receive medical treatment, would you send the patient to another city or remotely provide medical treatment?
 It now works with Internet of Things. Remote diagnosis is the solution, and it is available now.
 Cloud services and Internet of things are being used to help with this topic.
 Telemedicine service being used to diagnose things like heart rate, blood pressure and EKG.
 The results will be quickly available to the doctors while you’re being connected with him using internet.

 The doctor will be able to see the results and diagnose you and let you know the best steps you could take to improve your health.
 STC Business and their Internet of Things service could help different clinics with difficulties to find proper health services and doctors.
 Especially when talking about vital fields.
 A service like this will save time and effort. It is very effective making it a great choice for many.
 There are always great choices. Hopefully, I will bring them to you. Keep subscribed and enable the notification bell to get the latest.
 We issued great videos this week. One of them is how to enhance WiFi coverage in your home using an app.

 In this video, I discussed how many Wifi devices you need and the difference between WiFi and phone signal.
 We also reviewed the Honor 9X, comparison between A70 and Nova 5T, Freebuds review.
 We’re also making a a giveaway with Freebuds and Honor 9X. We made lots of videos this week.
 Don’t miss the shipment video. As we are approaching Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so for those who order from USA, go and watch the video.
 My experience with S4L is very important to share. Keep subscribed.
 USA have decided to extend the prohibition of US companies working with Huawei until 16th of February next year.
 This is good news that Huawei will be able to work on producing more device.
 The problem is licensing new devices. Hopefully, until 16th of February, Huawei will be working on a P40 device.

 May it works. We’re hopeful.
 I will keep you updated all the time.
 Let’s discuss the Mate 30 Pro device.
 This device will be available in Europe in limited quantity, and they won’t come with Google services.

 But this device is desired even without Google services.
 Let me ask you a question about the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.
 If this device is available here, would you buy it and then modify it to use Google services?
 We’ve always been doing this with devices that are only directed to the Chinese market.
 We’d bring these device, modify them and add Google services to them.
 You should consider that you’ll lose warranty and support, but wanting to have the latest technology include some risk!

 Let’s discuss the leak of the OnePlus 8. The leaks suggest that the upcoming device will look similar to the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro.
 It will come with a single selfie camera and triple rear cameras.
 The device is expected to be released in 4 months.
 All upcoming devices get leaked.
 We’ve always been discussing leaks in these episodes.
 With these leaks, we know what’s to expect.
 Let’s discuss Samsung news. There were a number of important news published lately about the S11.
 The first news is not cool. It is about the waterfall screen.
 These screens extend beyond the edges.
 This feature might not be available with the S11 and S11 Pro.
 The other good news is that these devices might get a 108MP camera.
 This camera is supposed to get a great sensor to capture pictures with.
 If confirmed, these cameras will be able to shoot 8K videos, which is something not available on phones.

 These devices will be able to shoot videos with double the resolutions we shoot videos at.
 Phones have a bad time processing this resolution, meaning the CPU, whether from Qualcomm or Exynos must be able to process it.
 The device is reported to shoot [email protected] How many people will be able to watch 8K videos?
 We’ve been checking statistics of how many people watch our videos with 4K.
 Youtube supports 8K, not much people use it.
 You could shoot 8K videos, crop them to become 4K or crop more to become FHD.
 Let’s continue with Samsung, but with the Note 10 Plus Star Wars version.
 I am personally not a Star Wars fan. But the Red and black colors used in the phone to celebrate Star Wars anniversary are very cool.
 The color combination is really beautiful. Even the Galaxy Buds came with the same color combination.

 It is not confirmed whether this device will be available in our region.
 Let’s discuss Tik Tok. I had an official meeting with them. Tiktok app downloads exceed 1.5 billion.
 Will this platform overpower other platforms? Do we need to invest more in Tik Tok or not?
 Content creators and I are struggling with this question. We make content there, and this is my account.
 Since the acquisition of Musicly, Tik Tok has been improving.
 Do you think it will be a successful platform? I am confused about it.
 “The same as you. I am wondering about its sustainability.”
 Exactly. I am concerned about their sustainability. We have no idea about their future.
 We’re just like you, waiting for what’s next.
 Let’s discuss Snapchat. They held a workshop here in Riyadh to help with lens development.
 who works directly with them to develop the lens.
 For clarifications, filters are not the same as lens.
 Lens are bigger and more bigger than filters as lens also include filters.
 Snapchat has an app called Lens Studio. You can visit their website here: You can download the Mac or Windows software and link your snapchat to it and start making lenses.
 We didn’t expect it to be this easy to develop snapchat lenses.
 it is really simple and the result is great.

 It is called Open Source platform.
 We all know that open source apps and OS are considered basics.
 If you have an app with an open source, with this platform, you’ll be able to do more.
 This platform was established by SITC in KSA.
 You can visit their website to get the latest news and participate in it.
 Let’s discuss the poll where I asked you about Motorola and how you view them.
 We asked you if Motorola know how to market their products or not.
 Most of you agreed that they know how to make innovation but they don’t know how to market it.
 I hope we’ll get this Razr phone. By the way, our region we will get a version that supports physical SIM card.

 We don’t know how much it will cost, but we’ll let you know in the review.
 Who’s excited for this review? Participate in the poll.
 In this review, I will discuss the differences between other foldable phones and what benefits you’ll get with foldable clamshell devices.
 Beats Solo Pro is a new headphone from Beats with noice cancellation. It is an over the ear headphone.

 We received this version with blue color and we are experimenting it.
 It will be available in KSA at the end of this week. Next week it will be available in Apple premium seller shops.

 The experiment is great thus far. It pairs fast, and it has one button to control it Solo headphones are entry level of over the ears headphones. The ear foam is better and the H1 chip makes pairing fast.
 The battery lasts up to 22 hours with a single charge. 10 minutes charging using the lightening port will give you 3 hours of listening time.
 It will cost 306.68 usd The rest of the currencies will be available on the screen.
 This is the new headphones. It feels like I reviewed it very quickly.
 Should I make more quick review

 Should I make quick reviews to let you know all the newly released devices?
 If yes, give this video a like, and we’ll gladly do it.
 Let’s discuss the last news about the event that no one has expected.
 It is an event about Apple apps. Apple wants to honor the best apps and developers.
 It appears that Tik Tok will be one of them as it was downloaded 1.5 billion times.
 It is one of the top 5 apps worldwide.

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