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This is under 50 at target  now every thing featured in this amazing so kicking up

The list is compact but powerful battery
Bank from anchor the power core 13,000
Which just sounds badass you do have to
Buy the usbc to lightning cable
Separately and that’s one more argument
Of why apple should follow suit with the
Ipad pro and bring us pc to the iphone
But again it’s a different argument for
A different day regardless though the
Battery bank is awesome you should
Absolutely pick one up next from there
Number three you guys know i love me
Some thick but now it’s time to look at
Some slim this is a one terabyte
External usb 3 drive from seagate
Personally i’m a huge fan of the color
Which i think looks amazing and well a
Specific model is one terabyte if you
Need all the terabytes that goes all the
Way up to five terabytes which is crazy
Clearly with increased storage comes
Increased price but i think one terabyte
Overall is a pretty good number for most
People out there as usb 3 and more
Importantly it’s not going to break the
Bank next up is this awesome guy behind
Me a flame led light nobody make a fire
Choke i’m kidding you can absolutely
Throw a fire moji down below there’s not
Really much to explain about if you like
Fireplaces and you like led lights this
Is a sammich of awesome and maybe if
Evans knew about this he might still be
In missouri i’m kidding i love evidence
Maybe not as much as i love this light
But it’s close and if you guys want some
Ambience a little bit of that holiday
Mood grab one for yourself as well
Next from there the fire does not stop
We got a fire led and this is a fire
Tablet the amazon fire seven i’m gonna
Be real with you it’s not like a blazing
Fast tablet but for under fifty bucks it
Is a damn good option there’s no way
You’re gonna be hating the business
Laying down tracks on this but it’s a
Great entry level tablet whether you’re
Just reading watching video whether it’s
Netflix or even better if you’re in the
Amazon ecosystem it’s going to be
Awesome and the more
Part is that it’s under 50 bucks so if
It’s for a kid you’re not gonna have a
Heart attack if he loses or drops this
From there if you like lights and you
Like speakers i’m gonna blow your mind
Because i got a two and one this is a
Tsang lid led color changing speaker
Cool you guys know i love me some
Phillips hue but i get it it’s a big
Investment you gotta buy into the
Ecosystem you got to buy the starter kit
Whereas with this you just buy the light
Bulb and it just works smack on top the
Fact that it also plays music and it’s a
Pretty outstanding deal especially the
Fact that it’s on sale right now now in
Terms of audio quality is definitely not
Gonna blow your face off like snazzy cue
Isn’t running to these to listen to his
Next hipster album but they sound good
More than anything it’s kind of this
Cool home tech element like imagine flip
It on the lights and the music and
You’re like yeah those are my light
Bulbs playing music are you kidding me
Also they change color which is probably
The reason why you’re looking to pick
These up from there i am a huge fan of
Logitech mice but i get it they can be
On the pricier side especially the
Higher end stuff but that my friends is
Where this comes in the logitech mx
Anywhere 2 s that is a mouthful but it’s
Not a mouse it’s definitely a little on
The smaller side if you’re used to one
Of the bigger thick boys like for me i
Would definitely prefer this to travel
But if you’re upgrading for something
Like the magic mouse or one of these
Disasters it’s going to be night and day
Better next from there this might be one
Of my favorite gadgets like ever and
Honestly unless you’re on the wireless
Charging side of camp the native union
Night cable is hands-down the best
Bedside option period the magic sauce is
Right here in the weighted ball you can
Move it you can manipulate it so if you
Ever woke up in the morning unplug your
Phone and it feels like someone just
Yanked the cable from you that is going
To stop that from ever happening again
This next gadget is the aperture ameren
Pocket led light which is exactly what
It sounds like a portable led light that
Fits in your pocket whether you’re a
Filmmaker or just someone who likes to
Mess with making video this should be an
Essential piece of tech in your kids
Aperture makes some of the best lights
Out there not only they are affordable
But they’re actually high quality and
That is this but in a smaller footprint
The only potential downside i would say
Is the fact that it’s daylight balanced
Can’t adjust the color temperature but
An easy fix is just to go old-school
Slap a young gel on it you can make it
Cool you can make it warm you can make a
Colorful and there are so many
Situations when you need more light and
With this it comes in super clutch now
With lighting maybe you need something
Bigger brighter maybe you really need to
Have that adjustable color temperature
Within the light the soup on l 122 t is
A great alternative in terms of actual
Like light quality the color i think the
Aperture is the better version but again
This is bigger it’s more flexible so
With this if you add maybe imbalance or
Some diffusion you can definitely do
Some really cool things with this lights
One thing to keep in mind with this
Light is you do have to buy the battery
Separately you’re more than likely gonna
Need some sort of clamp or stand but the
Good news is even with all that you can
Do that under 50 bucks now most tvs
These days especially the 4k option is
Usually coming with some sort of netflix
Or streaming option but the problem is
The interface is usually trashed him
Naturally you can a trash with fire the
Fire tv stick for kick there’s not
Really much that needs to be said about
This you plug the stick in and now your
Dumb tv the smart i will say though it
Probably only recommend this option if
You’re like deep in the amazon ecosystem
So if you take advantage of prime you
Can watch that library then go for
Otherwise i would say look elsewhere
Speaking of looking elsewhere what is up
Roku express now personally i feel like
This is the best neutral option like if
You’re not heavily invested into an
Ecosystem this is what you should be
Looking at to me it’s kind of like the
Jack of all trades master of none tour
Doesn’t really excel or like dominate in
One specific area but the amount of
Features you get packed inside is
Bananas but it does have going for it is
The interface simple it’s easy to use it
Could definitely be a little cluttered
At times but overall for 30 bucks you
Can’t really go wrong from their
Ultimate sometimes i get a little too
Excited with lamps and lights but this
Thing is cool as balls literally two of
Them this is the hang balance light
Which is one of the coolest and most
Unique lights i’ve ever seen for me what
I appreciate about this is it looks like
It could be in some bougie-ass store and
Sell for north of a hundred or two
Hundred dollars but it
It’s under 50 which is nuts next in
There is the who to usbc adapter and
I’ve tried multiple dongles and docks
And adapters before whatever reason i
Always come back to this one build
Quality is on point and yet i do see the
Point and the merit of those docks that
Plug into the macbook directly but
There’s always been this part of me that
Kind of just is scared that i’m gonna
Bump into it and snap a port off whereas
With this i feel much safer for the most
Part with macbooks i’m pretty all about
That usb sea life but the one thing i
Wish they didn’t take off was the sd
Card slot like we are not ready for that
Yet beyond that now that the ipad pro is
Also usb see this is a great option for
That and yeah there are a ton of options
Out there ace evil of adapters but for
Me this is my go-to option from there
Speaking of us pc adapters if you’re
Rocking an imac whether it’s the pro or
The standard model this dock from suteki
Is hands-down the way to go with this
You get three usb 3.0 ports one usb c an
Sd card slot and yeah i realize it’s not
The biggest deal in the world but
Sometimes trying to reach and find that
Sd card slot in the back of the imac is
Annoying on top of that aesthetically
This thing looks awesome to the point
Where it almost looks like it blends in
With the imac so yeah if you own an imac
You almost need to pick this up next one
That i got you covered with some really
Fantastic headphone options and kicking
Off the mini list within this giant list
Is the crown series headphones from
Plugged for me what stands out is the
Design these things are super clean
They’re minimal and i really dig this
Matte white finish here but they also
Come in black and navy which are equally
As clean now the only potential downside
Here is seen that most smartphones these
Days don’t have a headphone jack if you
Don’t want to deal with a dongle or an
Adapter you may want to look elsewhere
But if you’re that galaxy s 9 owner who
Is just ready to rub it in our faces you
Probably want to check these out these
Are technically on your headphones but
If like there’s some sort of hybrid
In-between on air and over ear so
They’re bigger you have more covered
Which is nice and more importantly these
Things sound really good for the money
Like to the point where i was actually
Surprised now from there if you dig the
Wired headphones but want just like a
Slight step up in terms of audio quality
The audio technica avh ace
The 400s are a great alternative these
Are actually over your headphones so the
Bigger they’re cushy are they’re gonna
Wrap around your ears and bless your
Face with beautiful sounding music
Unless you are an iggy azalea fan sorry
Yogi overall in terms of sound quality i
Would say these are more neutral
Compared to the crown’s that we looked
At like if you want a better bass heavy
Option check out the crown’s but in
Terms of like balance and overall
Comfort you could wear these things all
Day long from there if wired headphones
Are your thing because yeah i get it
Wires they get in the way these t2s from
Blue do are a steal these things feature
Bluetooth 4.1 they have up to 40 freakin
Hours of playback they’re bendable
Foldable so they’re great option travel
With and again more importantly these
Things sound good especially when you
Factor in that they are just about 30
Bucks the only thing i would say to look
Out for is build quality over time like
They don’t feel cheap but they’re
Definitely plastic so don’t be reckless
With them take care of them but again if
You do have to replace these it’s not
Going to break the bank now if you’re
Grabbing any of those headphones you’re
Probably thinking to yourself you know
What would go good with those a
Headphone stand and i totally agree with
You the brain waves trust headphone
Hanger is like this super cool desk hack
That allows you to hang your headphones
Up to two and keep everything super
Clean in terms of build quality it’s
Made out of aluminum so it’s really
Solid and i will say in terms of just a
Little bit of a fair warning this thing
Like really sticks on to the under
Portion of your desk so make sure you
Know where you want to put it especially
If you’re gonna put it like on a painted
Desk because it might actually pull some
Of that paint off it is on there that
Well but overall this is a must-have
Item if you own headphones and a desk
Stain and headphone land these beauties
From jail have audio look like something
Straight out of guardians of the galaxy
But they’re bluetooths not only are they
Under 50 they are under 30 bucks which
Kind of doesn’t make sense so if you’re
Into that retro walkman kind of look but
Want to get with the times these are
Your jam from there maybe on air over
Your headphones those aren’t your jam i
Got you with a couple more options the
Sony wi – c300 wireless bluetooth
Headphones are money these things are
Lightweight they’re come from
They sound like really good they’re
Rocking bluetooth 4.2 up to 8 hours of
Battery life and if you’re on the
Android side of camp they also connect
By a onetouch through nfc now we’ll say
If you’re looking to work out in these
Headphones i think the anchor sound core
Spirit x is the better option
They are absolutely inspired by power
Beats no doubt but they’re a fraction of
The price they’re water-resistant they
Have great battery life and if you’re
That active person these are the way to
Go so this far into the video there’s a
Good chance that you picked up quite a
Bit of tech and more than likely you
Need somewhere to store all that what
Better place to do that then this sweet
Herschel backpack i’ve been a fan of
Personal backpacks for a long time now
They look great they’re simple but more
Importantly they hold up over time you
Can store a ton of stuff inside these
Things and overall they’re just a great
Backpack option for the money so we got
Gifts for filmmakers for audio peeps i
Am absolutely not forgetting about my
Nintendo switch fans this antique switch
Charger is kind of genius it’s packing a
6,000 milliamp hour battery inside and
It form fits to your switch which is
Crazy it’s also a dual kickstand which
Provides much more stability when you’re
Propping up your switch and what kind of
Ice is the cake or pops that cherry on
Top is there’s built-in storage so you
Can store two games inside this which
Makes this kind of the trifecta next for
Those that want to upgrade their
Computer audio but eight don’t want to
Pick up those little tiny speakers that
Don’t sound that great or be pick up the
Bigger bulkier more expensive options
This taotronics mini sound bar is a
Steal it’s primarily designed as a sound
Bar for your desktop but i absolutely
Can see getting away with this for one
Of those mini tvs like in a dorm setup
It connects by a 3.5 millimeter audio or
Usb which is awesome so you have options
And again the best part about this thing
Is that it’s under 50 bucks from that
Are speaking of speakers maybe you don’t
Be tied to a desktop or cable maybe you
Want something more portable i got a
Handful of really cool options first up
Is the tri bit x sound go which honestly
Looks like a beats pill so i am just
Pimping beats knockoffs but again it is
Much much cheaper you get fantastic
Sound quality’s portable and really
Awesome battery life
Another really fantastic portable
Bluetooth speaker is the jbl go to it
Tiny but it packs a pretty solid punch
Next when there was a little throwback
To last year’s gift guide where i
Featured this awesome french bulldog
Bluetooth speaker and one of my favorite
Human beings ever teresa hi how are you
This year we are back with a skull
Bluetooth speaker it’s like the french
Bulldog skull brother and there are two
Amazing things about this one when you
Turn it on you have like this thriller
Windows acoustic guitar riff trifecta
Combo which is just like strangely
Bizarre if you’re still with me after
That i’m not sure if this next thing is
Crazy or just pure genius you can
Control the speaker through the teeth
And on top of that it sounds good like
You’ll see there is a surprising amount
Of low-end that kind of just punches you
In the face or skull so if we lower the
Volume the teeth there are two sections
You can go next song pretty instant
Pretty awesome or even go previous song
Like who’s sat there in the board room
And thought yo we need a bluetooth
Speaker that’s shaped like a skull that
Dishes out michael jackson thriller
Sounds with a hybrid of windows and you
Can control it through the teeth i am
Personally not sure but it exists and if
You wanted a bluetooth speaker shaped
Like a skull that sounds good this is
Your perfect option next from there if
Skull speakers aren’t a thing i get it i
Got one more young alternative the
Photosphere which honestly kind of looks
Like honey we blew up the google home
Mini – the smart home functionality
Shout out to rick moranis who probably
Would like the speaker this thing packs
Some really impressive sound especially
When you consider the size but hands
Down my favorite thing about the speaker
Is the first question on the amazon page
Which asks can you put this under your
Pillow and will it bother my spouse
Honestly i couldn’t see how this would
Not bother your spouse so if that’s
Something you’re into this is your
Speaker from there shrinking things back
Down shut up again
– rick moranis taking a look at the
Actual google how many honestly this
The best tech gadgets you can ever get
For someone that is under fifty bucks
In terms of smart assistance we know
Siri it’s a little slow and i think
Hands down google assistant takes the
Cake and this gives you all that in a
Tiny compact affordable package now
Maybe you’re not into the google
Ecosystem maybe you’re about that
Firelight you’ve got the 8 by 12 of jeff
Bezos in your bedroom i get it now we’re
Talking about the echo ducts forever
This was like the entry point to get
Into the smart home game with amazon but
Fortunately now we also have options
Unfortunately the speaker on the echo
Dot isn’t the greatest in the world it’s
Small it’s tinny doesn’t really fill the
Room so if you want to step up the
Fabric is a great alternative and it
Looks really awesome but what if even
The fabric isn’t enough speaker for you
What if you want to connect your own
Speaker what if you want something
Bigger something better enter the echo
Input it is essentially the amazon echo
Brain that you can connect to any
Speaker so if you want to go like back
To the future max that baby out you can
Throw the echo input on that and bring
That smart home functionality to your
Massive setup from there with a new year
Here hopefully been keeping them new
Year’s resolutions hitting the gym buff
Dudes down if you are a great way to
Keep track of that is with a smart scale
That doesn’t break the bank with that
One really important element of that is
Tracking you progress your results and
One easy way to do that is by adding a
Smart scale what the problem is for the
Most part these tend to be pricey but
Not this one the uv body scale is $39.99
Which almost doesn’t make sense on top
Of just weight you can track your body
Fat your bmi water muscle bone visceral
Fat the worst kind
And also muscle mass for them gains it
Connects via bluetooth which is awesome
Boats even cooler is you can store up to
20 different profiles which is quite a
Few and unless you’re popping out kids
Like the brady bunch this should cover
More than just the household from there
Speaking of portable travel tech that is
Catered to cameras the peak design
Capture clip v3 is kind of amazing first
Off it looks like something adam west
Would whip out of his utility belts what
It is though is this tiny little belt
That’s designed to secure onto your
Backpack strap or even your belt and
Give you quick-release access to your
Camera i get it not a lot of people want
To be
The strap guy so this is actually not
Only a cool-looking alternative with a
Practical one as well you can
Technically support up to 200 pounds so
Yeah if mkbhd won the throw was right on
This he could i wouldn’t recommend it
Because that would just be ridiculous
But it’s nice that you have that
Flexibility build quality is fantastic
As well it’s all metals so that is not
Gonna be an issue and again the fact
That this is under 50 bucks if you shoot
Video or photos this is kind of a
Must-have next from there looking at
Some of my favorite travel tech the
Native even smart hub for me is
Essential build quality is fantastic so
Not gonna have to worry about throwing
At my backpack and wonder if it’s gonna
Break you get a total of four ports
Three regular usb ports and then one usb
See which for me kind of seals the deal
And makes this thing really handy on top
Of that you also get to ac ports on the
Side and i really like the fact that
They’re spaced out so you plug in a
Laptop on one side you have a room on
The other side without getting cluttered
Necks from there is the raft power all
In one file hub plus and you know if ben
Guy ever had a gadget in his bag this
Would be it for starters there’s a 6700
Milliamp hour battery pack inside
Awesome there’s also built-in sd card
Slot so you can wirelessly transfer
Photos to your phone or directly to a
Hard drive if you don’t want to bring
Your laptop double awesome and then on
Top of that to ice the cake it is also a
Portable wi-fi router so imagine you’re
At a hotel and you have access to
Ethernet you could actually plug that
Into this little guy and then it turns
Into this little wi-fi hotspot which is
Triple awesome from there maybe don’t
Need all that maybe you don’t need an sd
Card slot and just need more storage on
Your iphone or potentially your older
Ipad the dual link from p&y
Is a really solid choice this particular
Model get you an extra 128 gigabytes of
Storage so if you are maxed out or like
Living on a prayer this will give you
Some breathing room now the way this
Works is you have usb a on one end and
Then lightning on the other so you could
Plug this into your laptop transfer
Pictures onto there and then onto your
Iphone but it is ios specific conversely
Maybe you don’t need that much storage
Or maybe you need something with a
Little more flexibility this 64 gigabyte
Option from mikaze is fantastic you have
Usb eight you have lightning you also
Have usb c so it’s kind of like the
Swiss army knife of usb drives now maybe
The downside with this i would say that
It’s not like
A super well-known brand that i have
Read a couple compatibility issues
Online so definitely keep that in mind
When you’re looking at this for your
Device but overall for the price i think
It’s a pretty stellar option next from
There when i first saw this thing on
Amazon i honestly thought it was kind of
Ridiculous but in reality it is
Surprisingly cool what it is is this
Like crazy
Telephoto looking five and one lens kit
For your iphone now we’ll say the
Marketing with these things are always a
Little bit sketchy they say it’s a five
And one but you actually get four focal
Lengths so with that that’s wide-angle
Macro fisheye which is always kind of a
Hit or miss kind of thing and then a 12
X telephoto zoom which is bonkers i will
Definitely say the wide-angle lens is
The most useful option but i’m not gonna
Lie with that telephoto lens i got some
Pretty unique looks so next if you love
Usb ports or you find yourself just
Filling them up constantly you need this
10 port monster hub from anchor so it’s
Awesome is you have 7 usb 3.0 ports
Which also pass their data but you also
Have 3 iq ports which are going to use
For charging what this is gonna do is
Rapidly charge your phone but then also
Ramp down and stop charging once the
Battery is full so you’re not jacking
Things up from there speaking of ankor
Most phones these days feature wireless
Charging so if you want to go that route
But don’t want to spend a ton of money
This standing charge is a fantastic
Option what i appreciate about this is
That everything you need to charge your
Phone is in the box whereas with some
Other wireless chargers you have to buy
Things separately so you may not realize
That get the charger in the mail and
Realize hey i can’t use this so for me
My main laptop is a 15-inch macbook pro
When my favorite accessories is this
Sleeve from incase there definitely are
Cheaper options but for me one i love
The aesthetic and two i love the build
Quality so it’s a great way to protect
Your macbook without added a ton of bulk
To your carry next from there if you
Like organizing your tech in things that
Don’t look like tech the 12 south book
Book caddy is perfect now where this
Makes a great companion piece is for
Someone who owns an ipad or a macbook
The chargers fit perfectly even with a
New ipad pro featuring that magnetic
Apple pencil if you’re worried about
Losing it this is a great place to store
It so from there we know apple has
Completely screwed a bear
Which means no air pods to no wireless
Charging unless bam this wireless
Charging case from east brooklyn labs
Which solves that problem it’s pretty
Simple you pop your ear pods case into
This and that adds a layer protection
And also adds wireless charging my only
Complaint is it’s a little
Counterintuitive to where you have to
Actually face it down to charge were
Instinctively i kind of want to put it
The other way but either way it’s still
A great way to inexpensively add
Wirelessly charging to your air pots
Next from there is a tech youtube
Classic the blue snowball ice which is a
Fantastic usb microphone that isn’t
Going to break the bank whether you’re
Looking to record an instrument or do a
Voiceover or potentially even a stream
This is a perfect option it’s simple its
Plug in place so you’re not going to
Need an audio degree to set it up and
Again the most important part is this
Thing sounds good from there for my
Apple watch users this nomad apple watch
Stand is badass
Its thick with three c’s heavy with
Three v’s and yeah you gotta appreciate
Some heft with a stand the one caveat i
Will say is the apple watch charger is
Not included with this more than likely
You have one that came with your watch
So you can use that to set things up
It’s simple it looks great on a
Nightstand or desk and if you own an
Apple watch this is a must-have piece of
Tech next from there is z2 boom or a box
Which does a ton of things but in a
Nutshell is a smart pixel speaker the
Most enticing thing with this is the
Customization you have over the leds
Whether you want to use as a clock or
Notifications or just smack an icon
There which looks awesome the sound
Quality the speaker also surprised me
Like it’s not amazing and if you’re
Looking solely for a bluetooth speaker i
Would not pick this up but if you’re
Looking for a two in one option it’s
Actually pretty cool and makes a great
Accent piece on a desk chugging down
That list the retro bit re s plus is an
Awesome way to play your old nes
Cartridges through an hdmi equipped tbh
If you do want to go like super
Nostalgia and go av out you do have that
Option as well but i think the selling
Point of this is definitely being able
To hook this up into a modern tv
Personally i was more of a sega genesis
Kid because i actually remember going to
Toys r us picking up an nes playing duck
Hunter fight
Brother and then my mom made us return
At the very same day so my experience
With games had to hold off for a couple
Years if you didn’t have a sad story
Like me though and you were an nes kid
This is going to be a super cool option
Out of the box you get two controllers
Which is actually really handy because
No one really wants to play by
Themselves whether or not that’s up for
Debate we can’t argue with the fact that
It is an awesome gift especially for
Someone who wants to bring back a little
Bit of that nes nostalgia from there
Speaking of awesome gaming gadgets one
Of the biggest complaints with the
Nintendo switch is the lack of bluetooth
Support but this genki bluetooth adapter
Completely fix effect my guy kevin
Kenton did an in-depth thorough video on
This on his channel which is awesome but
The tld are of this is that it fixes the
Bluetooth problem on your nintendo
Switch so if you want to use this in
Conjunction with your favorite bluetooth
Headphones now you can speaking of
Antenna switch how would you yes you
Like to win your very own paired with
This bluetooth receiver the blue do
Headphones rounded out smacked up in
That herschel backpack 
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