X launcher pro mod apk For Android phone to iPhone 2021

This is the most famous Android launcher phone look like iPhone if you install it this time your phone look into iPhone look amazing launcher I like you really my Android phone as a
iPhone looking table side and moving all application like iPhone
The software provided by more future can tell you about something more about x launcher if you want to install more theme like something etc.

how iPhone oppo phone Samsung phone Sony Xperia phone Q Mobile phones and other phones this x launcher forward you biggest theme Store officially if you want again download another phone like lo aisle something goes to visit at launcher Store and search which name you like theme phone click on search button no you have available thoughts of theme which you like phone this phone look like which you like is provide are so many settings how are you in screenshot like this know your phone switch off with a finger and show you like

iPhone tab no you use this time like volume up button wireless control rotate your phone address control LCD light control data switch Wi-Fi button flight mode ice comfortable camera location you are torchlight system setting launcher setting to add Bluetooth

No, I am going to tell you about sweep system page Don UP if you want to many Swift system page control left to right swipe up manually automatically and random

Most important x launcher pro view hidden app page if you want to hide your mobile phone extra application no you need your two fingers swiping on-screen same time and now you see you want ab open now you need to type your password for secret hidden applications no you put your

Password in 4 digits like it show the screen if you want type screen your password done and no you want to add your application in hidden application box just click on on and select your application

Which you want to hide and no click on the done button which you select application is automatically hidden in this box no you want to unhide application if you do not want to hide application click a sweep again on screen no you open tab type your password and open your application

Which you want to use if you want to sway over back your application in all application with all applications use means you do not want to write click on unhide your application going back to your home page no use without password

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