VLC media player compatible all Windows

In this article, am tell you how to install VLC media player on your computer,

MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, DivX, Mp3, etc., can also play files of streaming media protocols. VLC Media Player (VideoLAN Client) can play MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, DVD / VCD, digital satellite channels, digital terrestial television channels, and broadband IPv4 over many operating systems , IPv6 network play network movie; this software development project is initiated by French students, participants from all over the world, designed multi-platform support, can be used to play network streaming media and native multimedia files, especially worth mentioning The thing is that it can play the undownloaded multimedia files directly, it is worth a try. Support Simplified Chinese interface. The most unique feature of VLC Media Player is that you can watch Divx media files while downloading, and can play incomplete AVI files. 

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VLC player

VLC player software screenshotOne
Update log:

1.Improved VLC player support for MacOS Mojave

2.VLC player adds new AV1 decoder

3.Fixed many issues with hardware acceleration on Windows

Software Features:

1.Simple, fast and powerful

2.Play any content-files, discs, cameras, devices and streaming 

3.VLC player can play most formats without installing codec 
package-MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3 …

4.VLC player can run on all platforms-Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android …

5, completely free-no spyware, no ads, no tracking of user behavior.

6. You can customize the appearance of VLC player to expand the appearance.

VLC player

VLC player software screenshot 2

Software Description:

1. Enter the installer and click “Next”

2. Read the software-related license agreement. If there is no objection, click “Next” to agree to the agreement and continue the installation.

3. Select the VLC Media Player component to be installed. The user can select the default settings in the upper selection box, and click “Next” after selection.

4. Click “Browse” to select the installation directory of VLC Media Player. It is not recommended to install it on the C drive. If there are too many files on the C drive, it will affect the running speed of the computer. After selecting, click “Install”.

5. The installation process of VLC Media Player takes about 3 minutes, please be patient.

6. After the installation is complete, it will automatically jump to the installation completion interface. If you need to use it immediately, check the “Run VLC Media Player” option, and then click the “Finish” button below.

Software Description:
First, can VLC player convert files?

1. Open the installed VLC media player, click the “Media” button in the upper left corner of the software interface, and open the “Convert / Save” option in the drop-down menu.

VLC player

2. In the new window that opens, first click the “Add” button.

3. Find the storage directory of the video files, select the files to be converted, click the “Open” button in the lower right corner, and then click the “Convert / Save button at cheap file choice window.

2.What should I do if the Chinese subtitles of the VLC player are garbled?

1. When using VLC player to add subtitles to the video, Chinese subtitles sometimes appear garbled. This is why we need to click the “Tools” button in the top menu bar and select the “Preferences” option in the open drop-down menu.

2. Switch the newly opened window to the “Letters” tab, and then set the “default encoding” as shown in the figure to “General, Chinese (GB18030)”.

3. Then change the font of the subtitle to any one of the Chinese fonts, and click “Save” in the lower right corner after the modification is completed.

VLC player

4. Load the subtitles again, so there is no problem, please try it.

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