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first we will learn about USB pen drive,and the second we will learn about hard diskpartition Now we will learn how to create an passwordfor your USB, pen driveYou can use this method on your SD cardLet’s move on.

And now we will use the same method to set the password for your USB.First, attach your USB with your computerto which you want to on computer.there are 3 drives in my computer.and this is my pendrive size is approximately8 GB.we are going to lock this drive.right click on your usb drive.and click on ‘turn on usb locker ‘ from thedrop down menu.don’t remove your drive during usb locker  setup because its harmful for your USB drive.please wait while usb locker   initializes thedrive.Choose ‘how you want to unlock the drive’Use a password to unlock the drive.and use the smart card to unlock the drive.

we will learn all these things in next,When we create password for hard i click on ‘use a password to unlock’.and i’ll type password with uppercase andlower case letters.reenter the passwordnow just click on will appear! how do you want to backup your recovery key.if you forget your password or lose your samrtcard,you can use your recovery key to accessyour can save this key to your microsoft accountif you have.and second! you can save this to your computerfile.third you can print your key if you want.we are encrypting a removable data drive likeUSB flash drive, you can’t save that recoverykey on USB.but we use ‘save to a file option’ as usual.just click on it.

choose a file to save this key.i am going to save this on my on save.your recovery key has been saved.and click on next.encrypt used disk space only (faster and bestfor new PC’s and drives)now choose how much of your drive to encrypt.and please read this all session very carefully,because its very useful for all of you.this drive is new so, I choose the default option and click on next.are you ready to encrypt this drive?just click on start encrypting.don’t remove your drive until encryption begins,avoid this its harmfull.and this process will take some time so don’tworry.

the lock is there.encryption is started now.pause encryption before removing the driveor files on the drive could be damaged so,be careful.encryption of drive is complete.The lock is right on close.

let’s disconnect and re-attach this driveto see that we are right or not.unlock drive G:this drive is usb locker protected.When we double click on itIt will show a pop up of password you cantype your password to open thisand that’s allYou can also use your recovery key to openthis.In this video we have learned how to createan password for the USB drive without anysoftware.Now we will learnHow to create an password for your hard diskdrive partition and external hard disk withoutsoftwarethere are many software’s in the marketto make your disk lock.but in this video we will learn ‘windows lockfeature’.

Some say Windows is not possible to lock apartition.So I felt the need to make video.I hope you like it.Please see the video until the end,Because at the end of this video we will learnafter short introduction let’s move on.we are going to perform few steps to makeour partition drive lock and even withoutany software.Remember! Lock feature is available in modernversions of Windows 7 Windows 8 and 8.1.some on computer.You can see here are 4 drives in my computer.You can set a password to any drive.G drive is 399 GB.And I’m going to lock G: drive.Look carefully!We were right click on g drive.And click on the drop down menu to turn onbitlocker.

Choose ‘how you want to unlock the drive’.Use a password to unlock the drive.use my smart card to unlock the drive.You’ll need to insert your smart card.The smart card pin will be required when youunlock the drive.I do not have any smart i choose the first option ‘use a passwordto unlock’.password should contain lowercase uppercaseletters numbers and symbols.a password can be 8 to 256 long.

Now I’m going to type my password.reenter password.after this click on the next will appear! how do you want to backup your recovery that case if you forget your password youcan use your recovery key to open your can save if you have, microsoft account.usb flash to your computer can print your recovery key.but we select save to a file option.we save our recovery key in computer on save to a file.its a good idea to have more than one keyand keep each in a safe place other than your pc.

Do you want to save the recovery key on this pc we click on yes.again click on next.are you ready to encrypt this drive please read this session at on start you can see. the lock is right there.and this process will take some time.lock will be permanent after this process.wait for some seconds.encryption of this drive is click on
close.Our drive now has been locked.when we restart our computer we will see thelock of this real condition.let restart the computer for one time.after restart the computer, now we are againour desktop just click on you can see file is in the real format.when double click on it.

it will show a pop up of password you cantype your password to open this.but i am not actually going to do this.this one is our Identifier key.and this is the much important our recovery lets move on.We are again on the file.simply double click on click on more optionsclick on ‘enter recovery key’now we going to put our recovery key on this place that we save on our PC.then simply click on unlock.You see! our file has recovered with recovery key without any password.

remember! save your key on any external drive and keep save it.that’s allin this video we have learnedHow to create an password for your hard disk drive partition and external hard disk without software.what is usb locker  recovery and how to use it Click here to see our latest updates.if you like then press the like button .Don’t forget share our  with your friends .
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