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How To Find Any Stolen Android Device

Welcome to our official website techtips4world today I m going to show you that how to find stolen android device. There are many methods that we can use for searching our stolen android mobile. There is Google new update that is very useful.  By using this update you can locate android device easily. On our official website I have given most interested android tricks you can follow them all one by one and these are they are very useful for android mobile user.Before that many users ask me find my phone android so here i given trick.


·     You should remember log in of Google account that is signed in stole device
·     You should have one android phone
·     If  you don’t have mobile you can use pc/laptop
·     Your GPS should be  on

·     Mobile  data should be on
If you have above requirements you can locate android device with android device manager
What is android manager?
Android manager is on of the best part of android device.
There are many benefits of this tool but here we use it for find my phone location.
It will allow us to reach our device by our G-mail account.
Here below some steps given, after following these steps you can easily trace your mobile phone so, follow one by one.
Now follow these steps.
1. 1st of all go to and write in search engine

2.Now search Google android device manager

3.Now logging with the same G-mail that is used in stolen android device

4.Now we will use android mobile current location

5.After using this step it will trace current location of mobile

6.Now it will tell about the current location that how much KM or M Our mobile is using

7.Here it will show there option that same like showing in photo

·     Ring
·     Lock
·     Erase

How to use these options and which is better for us?
If the place is near and you can reach there easily you should use Ring option after reaching at traced location.
This option will allow phone to ring for 5 minutes its not matter mobile is on silent or in volume mod
 This option will allow us to change the password of mobile.
By using this option you can put any screen lock to your android advice
By using this option you can just remove your G-Mail account this only for removing account.
After clicking this option it will disable our Google account for this device.
8.Here we are using ring method so after reaching at device location we just click on ring option and there our mobile will be started ringing in its full voice

9.Now we are using Lock option.

After clicking on this option a new tab will open and ask us to fill some information that same like showing in photo
Here give required information and just click at lock button.
It will lock your phone and your stolen phone became useless for user
So, I hope you will like my post and today you have learn that how to track my phone.
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