Top Latest Whatsapp Hidden Tricks & Features Here With Screen Shoot

Whatsapp secret features

Welcome in whatsapp tricks label in this post I have given latest whatsapp hidden features. In now day’s whatsapp become most popular chatting app and there are increasing whatsapp users on daily base. If any person has whatsapp and internet availability he certainly uses whatsapp .its easy to use but here some guide for new whatsapp users whatsapp has its amazing features. There are many users but all are now know its full use so here are some hidden and secret settings. Step by step. If you are using whatsapp now it’s these features you will see your whatsapp chat become most beautiful and your whatsapp using experience will increase. Now read all about whatsapp features and enjoy whatsapp together. by following below steps.
Here are top8 cool whatsapp secrets below
·                  Last seen
·                  Auto media download
·                  Blue Tick
·                  Custom size emoji
·                  Clear All Chat in On Click
·                  Bold and italic text font in whatsapp
·                  Whatsapp broadcast
·                  Whatsapp chats backup

So now we define all features one by one
When some one open your whatsapp conversion, at the top of your dp there seen your last seen time at whatsapp but if you want to hide or keep your last seen in private you can do this with following steps.
·                              Open whatsapp settings
·                              Click on my account.
·                              Now click on privacy.
·                              Then click on last seen.
·                              Here will show three more option
1.    everyone
2.    my contacts
3.    no body
You can choose any option to hide your last seen in whatsapp

If you click on everyone your all contacts can see your last seen but if you choose my contacts that’s it will be show to your own contacts only.
Here is the 3rd one that is only used for complete privacy and no one can see your last seen.

2. Auto media download

When you have multiple whatsapp groups and when groups members post videos, games photos or anything else that related to multimedia, its download automatically in your mobile. That cause your storage full and your mobile speed also be slow. Here is one most amazing whatsapp features that will be helpful for you.
If you want to disable auto media download in whatsapp you can follow these below steps.
·    1stof all click on three dots and then click on settings
·     Now click on storage and data usage
·    Here in page that will show auto download media option, just click on this there will show three options.
1.                 When using mobile data
2.                  when connected on wifi
3.                  data roaming
·   now click on using mobile data and then choose no media option
·   now open other two options and choose no media option
After choosing these options your whatsapp auto media download will be disabled and next time your multimedia messages will be stopped to download automatically

 3. Blue ticks

When you or your friends messages send you messages, and you read your friend messages, in whatsapp 2 ticks become blue after reading messages. But if you want to keep this in secret that your friend should not know about your messages reading you can do this by following steps. And hope this trick also helpful for you.
· Click on three dots then click on account
·  Now choose privacy option  click on read recipient and give checked option

After doing this your messages seen secret will be hidden to your friends and two ticks will not change their color

4.   Custom size emoji in whatsapp

This whatsapp trick is most hidden by this method you can resize emoji size in whatsapp easily. Now follow these below steps for this trick.

  • Open your friend conversion and open your mobile camera
  • Now capture image from camera that should be black
  • Then click on emoji icon and select any emoji now you can resize this emoji by pinch option and you can increase emoji size without any problem.

5. Clear all whatsapp in one click

If you have joined whatsapp groups and your mobile storage is full now. And you want to delete all chats in one time you can do this by these below given steps.
·  Go to whatsapp settings and click on chat
·   Now click on whatsapp chat history
And click on clear all chats history.
When you click on this option your all whatsapp chat history deleted.

6. Bold and italic text in whatsapp

If you want to make your chat beautiful and want to send text messages in bold or italic form you can send without any third party app. This is one of the most secret trick in whatsapp
Add this symbol at before and last of your written text. Same like
For bold
(*)  use this symbol same like (*your text*)
For italic
(_) use this symbol same like (_your text_)
 I hope you really enjoy this secret

7. Whatsapp Broadcast

If you have your youtube channel or website and you want to promote fast in whatsapp groups this whatsapp feature will be most helpful for you
If you are doing affiliate marketing or any thing poster use this method.
Through this broadcast option your messages will send to multiple contacts in one click. If you want to know how to create broadcast in whatsapp use these steps.
·      Click on three dots and then click on whatsapp broadcast
·      Now add your contacts that you want to add
·      Now its show same like whatsapp group
·      After making this broadcast, when u send any messages In this broadcast

8. Chat Backup

 If you want to save your friends chat permanently that can be restored In whatsApp again in case of deleting or uninstalling of your whatsapp
For this trick use this method.

·      Click on three dots and click at chat
·      Now click on chat backup
·      Now select your Google account and select backup time on daily or weekly base

 After completing your chat your whatsapp chats whole data will be save in Google drive that you can seen in whatsapp at any time.
 Friends I hope this post is most helpful for you and you really enjoy these hidden secrets. If have like this post kindly share with your all contact in whatsapp best of luck.
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