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Social media marketing

Welcome back to our official blog site today I will discuss about social media marketing. Before that I already written a post on email marketing you can read this post by clicking the below text.
 In now days social media users are increased and every one has spend his time on social media. If you are related to this post read all the given details step by step.

Benefits of social media marketing

Basically marketing means promoting your any thing related to science that’s mean in details that if you have a blog site any product that you want to share and promote to large community in very low time.
Here we can promote our product, website or any thing else with two sources.

Facebook Business 

·     Paid service/paid social media marketing
·     Free service/ free social media marketing

If you want to promote your product in market through social media marketing paid service you will just pay for this purpose and any social media website or app will automatically serve your product ad post with social media users and your product will automatically become famous.
If you want to use this service, here is common example that is Facebook boosting. Through Facebook boosting service many users will click on your product, if your ad service is paid.
Common any famous method that used in world is Facebook boosting.
Here I will define social media marketing through Facebook.
·     1stof all create a Facebook page. If you can’t create Facebook page you can check how to create a Facebook by this below link
·     After creating page just post your product, link, photo or your video
·     Now click on boost option that given under your post by Facebook
·     Now select your package and pay your boosting fee though any method that Facebook ask you
·     After doing all steps just click on submit

 You will see your social media paid service will work and you will get visitors through this amazing service


But if you can’t pay for this service you can use free method that is totally free. Its need your followers on your any social media account
You can do social media marketing on any social media app just like Facebook. Twitter,pinterest and Instagram etc.
If you want to promote your business or your website on any app its will depend on your followers or we can say that free social media marketing depend on your any social media account followers. Its easy to understand that more and more followers will give you high traffic.
Here I told you free social media marketing through Facebook.

·     Create your Facebook page
·     Post daily on your page
·     You will get daily followers automatically
·     When your followers reach to 5K

Your post will start reaching to high number of Facebook users and your product will promote through this free service.
Its free method its need time for promotion. Now it’s depending on you who are best for you and which method you will use for marketing.

social media marketing

Here some steps given below that are used in social media marketing

 social media marketing through whatsapp

·     Create your  product, photo or video post with with attractive words and photo
·     Join whatsapp groups related to your product (join whatsapp groups from Google search)
·     Now post to groups three time in one day

 pinterest business strategy

·     You have need to a large number of followers on pinterest account (try to buy pinterest account of high number of followers
·     Now copy your attractive post that you created about your product
·     Now post with attractive title and photo you will see much benefits and your product views will increase daily.

    Instagram marketing strategy

·     Buy Instagram account of 5k above followers.
·     Now post your product
There are many social media apps and website here I discuss only few famous apps that’s users in million of numbers. Social media marketing needs ranked account for promotion if you don’t have ranked account you can buy or u can use paid service
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