How To Make A Facebook Page

How To Make A Facebook Page

Welcome again on our official website. In this post how to make a Facebook page step by step in details. There many visitors ask me about Facebook page they have many questions about this problem. Here I have given real and easy method. So lets we should know about page.

Why Facebook page created

There many types of pages and it’s depend on a user which topic he/she selected
On our Facebook account we can add 5000 friends but if we have a page there we can get millions followers and likes.
We can create a personal page and if we want to get much likes and visitors we can do this with Facebook boosting

What is Facebook boosting?

if a user upload a photo or video on his/her page and want to get traffic on his post. He can use Facebook boosting option. After using this feature traffic will increase but it’s not free its paid service by Facebook.

How to use Facebook boosting

·       1stof all select your photo or video that you have uploaded
·       on page and choose boosting option
·       Now select your package
·       You can select low or high package its depend upon you
·       Now choose payment method and give your account details
·       Then click on submit. Facebook will automatically charge your package fee and your boosting will  start

 Why we use Facebook boosting

If you are sailor or have any product and you want to promote. You can easily promote.
Boosting is only used for promotions.
How to make Facebook page
1.    1stof all log into your Facebook account
2.    Now click on create Facebook page option
After that a new window will open and here you will see different types of Facebook pages.
How to select Facebook page category

·       Causes of community
This category used for more than one peoples. In this category many peoples can post it’s mostly used for website community.

·       Entertainment
In this category you can post movie funny photos or any thing else that is related to fun.

·       Brand or Product
If you have a thing that you want to sale or any product that related to your shop, use this category.

·       company organization or institute
If you have any company school or college and you want to share information related your institute use select this category.
·       Local business or palace
If you have a shop or small business you can share your business for public easily through choosing this category.

·       Artist, band or public figure
If you are a singer or you have a any skill and you want to share on Facebook select this category.
After selecting your Facebook page category a new window will open but before a next step I hope u are understand about above points now I am making a website page

·       I have selected brand or product. Now in 1st box I choose website. In 2nd box I have given name

·       Now give a short description about your website

·       Then paste URL of your website

·       Choose your page name and click on save info
Step 3

After following above steps a new page will open here select your website logo.

Use photo from website or browse form computer
Then click on save photo
Step 4

·       now in new window u can  add this page to your favorite or you   can skip this, In new window fb ask you to Facebook page details

·       in 1st box select your Facebook page location

·       in 2nd box give time period of page

·       in 3rd box select gender that who can see your page, women mans or both

·       in 4thbox give your favorite searches and click on save button

After following these steps your Facebook page created successfully but during this whole process you have faced any problem just comment below and also share with your friends.

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