How To Delete Other Facebook Account

How To Delete Other Facebook Account

Hi guys welcome back with best wishes and hope you all are fine. Today I given one of the most important and amazing trick for Facebook. This trick is most useful and many Facebook users ask me about Facebook account blocking.
Today post topic is that how to block or delete other Facebook account on Facebook.
We know there are many fake accounts on Facebook that people use for negative purpose. Someone we see wrong post on Facebook that cause community problem. It causes bad Impact on Facebook users. When any Facebook user goes against to community standards and we report his/her account on Facebook but account not blocked on Facebook.
Sometime we see someone make fake account on Facebook and upload our photos and personal data on his/her fake Facebook account that cause large problem for us. At this time we need just that this account disabled soon as soon or should be deleted form Facebook.

How To Delete Other Facebook Account 

So today I have given very simple trick that how to delete any fake account on Facebook easily.
If you are interested to this post and currently facing any this type problem just follow the given information and follow all the steps as I explained below.
Let’s start now.

1st of all make a death certificate by the name of account of Facebook that you want to block .here below I given blank death certificate. Just fill all the details same to Facebook account. Now save the image with all correct data.

Now go to other our enemy account or other fake account that we want to delete from Facebook click on report option.

Then click on (Recover & Close) option.

Now uploaded death certificate and fill all information correctly and click on submit.
After following these steps victim account will be disabled from Facebook in 24 hours.

Fill all the details same give you a simple example here.
For example your victim user name is (ladla aqdas)
Write with same spellings on death certificate.
And then write cause of death and other details are just same
2nd on is that you will upload your victim death certificate in night because if your victim online Facebook detect this invalid activity and account will not blocked. Try to look your victim offline time and then upload photo by given tricks.
Friends I  hope you like this post in this post you have learn that how to delete other Facebook account or how to report Facebook account its will be most useful for you. If you really like this post kindly share with your all friends thank you

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