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Facebook Messenger  Latest Secrets & Hidden Features


Welcome again friends now I have bring one more amazing post for you in this post I will told you about Facebook messenger secrets and amazing features.
Facebook is very common social media app and website and there are billions of users that use Facebook daily at a time.
Before that you know about messenger, that what is Facebook messenger and how to use.
But you do not now its hidden features. We use messenger on daily base for Facebook chatting. This is amazing software. It has good rating on play store and Facebook daily updates its features. Here we will discuss Facebook messenger latest hidden secrets and features so start know about theses features. If you are related to this post read all the post and do not skip any features because every given line will help you and your messenger using experience also increase.

1. Emoji change

When you open your friend conversion in Facebook messenger you will see in messenger default setting in bottom right side a thumb (like) emoji is used and you can send this without opening from menu.
But you can replace emoji in place of like.
Open friend conversion and click on emoji option now select emoji that you want replace after selecting you will see your emoji will be changed.
You have seen this feature before in messenger chat groups that most amazing.

2. Bar code scan

This is one another amazing feature of Facebook messenger by this feature you can scan bar code of your friend. If you have lost your friend chat in Facebook messenger in multiple friends you should have your friend chat bar code in your mobile phone gallery.
·      1stof all click on your profile icon there you will see your bar code that you can see or share with your friend.
·      Here another is bar code scan. Just click on scan bar code
·      After click this option your mobile phone camera will be opened
·      Click on bottom dot and choose photo of your friend bar code
·      It will scan this automatically and your friend chat conversion will show automatically.

 3. Secret conversion

If you have your some personal chats and you want to keep these chats in secret cause no one can read your secret chats.
·      1stof all open your friend conversion

·      Now click on go to secret conversion
·      Now send message to your friend
·      Here you see a clock icon and set the time
·      After reading message by your friend your message will be hidden after spend your given time

4. Messenger Games

By this messenger feature you can play games live with your friend.
·      Open your friend conversion that is online
·      Now click on emoji and select games
·      Then send games emoji to your friend
·      Now double tap on emoji your game will start and here you will give points that you can give as how much you want to need.

5. Hide original name on messenger

If you want to hide your original name that you using on Facebook you can hide this and use any other name
   ·      Click on profile icon
·      Click on username
·      Now give name in case of availability
·      And click on save
After these steps your named will changed and now your Facebook profile also shorten.
Friends I hope you really enjoy this post if you have learn some ideas about secret of Facebook messenger share with your friends and also keep vising our site for latest amazing posts about technology.

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