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If you have business of website and want to promote your business so, don’t worry in this I have told about this topic with details. You will learn that how to promote business with email marketing free and how we use these method and how to get emails for marketing.
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What is E-mail Marketing?

There are many methods of email marketing. Before that you have seen that many Blog site or other WordPress website use a email subscription plug-in for there site. If any one enter his email and subscribe the website newsletter he will be notified when the website owner will upload new post on his site and you will get link through email. You visit website through this link.
You can use this method for your website for traffic and you can increase website traffic with this easy method.
This was only one use, if you have any product and you want to promote this you have need emails for this purpose. Here at the end of post I have told about how to get emails with the email extract method. But 1st of all we discuss about the benefits Email marketing

Benefits of free email marketing

There is 1stbenefit of that you can promote your website any Blog site or other in free of cost. By using the newsletter plug-in you can increase traffic and your daily visitors will also increase that will cause of online earning.
If you have not any website you can use this for affiliate marking and I hope you will earn much money through  email marketing.

How to extract emails and get unlimited free emails 

·    1stof all open your chrome browser.

·    Now add and install a extension (email extractor)

·    Now search your targeted keywords with and then copy all the emails in notepad that are showing in search results for example [email protected]
By following above steps you can get many emails. If the search results reach to end you can use any other keyword and you can get more emails.
If you cam follow these steps you will get unlimited email in free of cost but if you need 500 or 1k you can use any paid tool.

How to send one mail to multiple accounts

After getting information of email-marking here is necessary to learn about email sending. Here I told that how to share one mail with multiple Gmail accounts with any paid tool.
Through this trick you can send mail to above 500 contacts
For this trick use these following steps
·    1stof all open Gmail and click on compose button.

·    Now give subject and write email and give your site link or your product link.

·    Now write email address in TO box.

·    Now click on Bcc and paste all email addresses that you have copied in notepad form searches results.

·    Then click on send you will see that your mail will be sent to all of those addresses that you have pasted.
Friends I hope you will learn much in this post and now you are able for email marketing free.
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