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Best Free Android Antivirus

Hi friends if you are an android user and you use internet on your mobile daily this post for you.

When we use internet and browse internet we browse many website. During browsing many viruses download from internet automatically in our mobile. Or some time we share data with other mobiles that cause viruses spreading. Because some time we share data that has viruses content and it cause our mobile software damage and cause of hanging. Here I given a simple method that how to avoid from virus and how to remove  virus form our mobile. If you are related to this post keep stay with this post and read all the given instruction.
Basically I use antivirus software for deleting virus from mobile. But there are many software by names antivirus that and form these software couple of fake and they did not clean virus form our mobile complete. So here I choose top 5 android antivirus. That will clean virus deeply.
Here is list of top 5 antiviruses that will be best for our android device.
1. 360 security-Antivirus
2. Mobile security & Antivirus
3. Avast Antivirus Android
4. CM Security
5. Kaspersky antivirus and security
Here below 5 best antiviruses that will be best for your device so let’s discuss now all one by with their specifications and fully details.
Here also you learn how to use antivirus.

Here I has written downloads, features, reviews and full details of every software.

1. 360 security-Antiviruses

This is one of the best antivirus form top antiviruses for mobile.


·      It will remove junk files from mobile
·      Safe android battery life
·      Delete useless files form mobile
·      It stop all background running apps
·      Boost performance of android
·      Keep free storage and keep your mobile cool


·      3 million downloads on play store
·      Positive reviews from users
·      Small in memory and also need of every one mobile user


·      4.0 android version
·      Run on every android mobile
·      Use very low ram during scanning
·      It does not need any internet connection for scan android mobile

2. Avast free antivirus

Its another best antivirus for android mobile and used most one in the world there are large amount of mobile users use this antivirus and also provide security for computer. There is pc version also available for delete virus form computer. Lets know about this amazing Android antivirus.


·      Delete virus form mobile in some seconds

·      Clean junk files and also remove files that contain virus content and downloaded form internet
·      It has internet security feature
·      Safe mobile form heating and keep safe battery health
·      Also has lock option for privacy


·      100 million above users
·      Above rating from 4.5 stars
·      Positive reviews and lovely comments from its users
·      Used low capacity of memory.



·      Android version 4.0
·      Internet connection for some features
·      Generally scan android mobile offline

·      Also need avast account but its optionally

 3. Mobile security & antivirus

Its premium security for and android and also trust able security app for Android you should purchase for use.

Specifications and details

For best scanning and deeply removing junk file use its premium version most trust able application for android but you can use any other software that gives free security for android mobile. There are low number of users of this application because its premium

 4. Kaspersky antivirus & security

It’s another best android virus scanning application that is most useful for your mobile it’s too small in memory as compare to its work you should try this once in your life but try avast antivirus must because I used avast most. How its work and what features it has let’s start to know about that.


·      Clean danger types of virus same like Worms, Trojans horse, spyware and also adware viruses.
·      Its continuous keeping secure android mobile from internet viruses and also from shared data.
·      Delete useless files from mobile and keep clean mobile form junk files.

 Requirements and details

·      Need android 7.0 version
·      4.7 rating on play store.
·      In reviews good words used by its users.

5. CM security

This is last one antivirus application form the list of top 5 android antiviruses. This is good and secure app but it’s not has much used as compare to top 4 others apps.
But it’s good from other small antiviruses.

 Specifications & requirements

·      It’s used for CM security
·      Delete junk files and viruses in very low time
·      Best performance of working
·      It’s used in 5.0 android version
·      Used for internet security and safe browsing.
·      Also scan SD card

This was top 5 and latest antiviruses applications for android device if you need more details about android mobile scanning and virus removing form mobile just comment blew wit your questions. I hope you really enjoy and like this post so, please give your feedback and share with your friends.
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