How to Write Stylish and Blue Text in WhatsApp without Any App

How to Write Stylish Font Text in WhatsApp

Hi Friends welcome to our official blog and today article and a have created Amazing WhatsApp Trick. By this trick you can write stylish font text in whatsapp chat and you can send stylish message in WhatsApp groups and also with friends. By following these below steps you can change font of text

Write stylish font text in WhatsApp Chat

Do same as like showing in photos if you find any problem just comment bellow and give you feedback.
Now follow bellow steps
Step: – 1 Open your friend chat in whatspp or any whatsapp group and write text with these symbols on original keyboard
Same like -techtips4world .com-
You will see bold text and stylish font

Step 2:- If you want to change text style into any other font open your whatsapp chat and write text with this symbol
 Same like ~techtips4world .com~
You will see result as showing in photo

Note: – There is no third party app or any other keyboard use for stylish text. Here use only original android keyboard.
Use these keyboard symbols before text and end of text as showing in photo.

How to write Blue Text In whatsapp

Trough this trick you can write blue text in whatsapp but for blue text we have need a application follow these steps and make sure you follow correctly
Step:-1 Download Whatsapp Blue Text app from play store
Step 2:- When U open this downloaded application you will see box there will write your text click onto Convert
Step 3:- You will see that font changed into blue text just click on share button or copy this stylish blue text

Step 4:- Now open your chat and copy paste Stylish symbol/blue text and you will see its cool looking font

If you have like this post kindly share with your friends and I hope after following these steps you can change text into stylish font and also in blue text for whatsapp. If you faced any problem during these steps just comment below there I will provide solution too.

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