How To Make Facebook Invisible Name Account Without Government Proof Latest 100% Working Method

Hi Friends welcome back again to our official blog today i have given another and 10000% Working method of Facebook. By this trick 
you can make blank name Facebook account without using id Card
Here i give very simple trick by following below steps you can make blank name Facebook account without using any vpn and your time 
will be safe and you will be able to make Facebook empty name fb account.

If you Want to make other type Facebook account follow below headings.

How to make blank name (empty) name fb id

By following these below steps same like showing in photos you can make invisible account

Step 1:- 1st of all go to your chrome/us browser and go to Facebook create new account link.

Step 2:- Click on + Button and choose Tamil language and you will see your Facebook browser language will be changed into Tamil.

Step 3:- Now Copy these below Facebook invisible Symbols & paste into 1st name box.

(ゖゖ 💟@() ゖ ✔ )

Step 4:- Give Your Phone Number and Do not use Email

Step 5:- Select your Gender And fill up your other details like date of birth and password etc.

Note:- Use mobile Number that u not used for any Facebook account and before that your mobile number have not any Facebook account

Your Problem Solution:

If you have not fresh mobile number and you want to make invisible Facebook id simply use bellow other trick here we use temp mail and we not use original email or number

Now follow these steps:

Step 1:- Now Change your Facebook browser language and choose English and then click on add email instead of phone number 

Step 2:- Then go to Website and choose your and email that will temp email, just copy this temp mail

Step 3:- Now Paste this temp mail into Facebook information page and click on create new Facebook account.

Step 4:- After that Facebook ask for configuration code just refresh your temp mail tab/page there you will get link and Facebook configuration code.

Note:- Follow these steps carefully and after doing all steps click on create new Facebook account 

i hope you will be able to make Facebook invisible account without government proof and you will fully enjoy this trick 
this trick is most useful because here is no need any Vpn or Id Card proof so do simply as i have done. If you like this trick share with your Friend.

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