How To Make Bubble Name Facebook Account Without Vpn Step By Step [Full Guide}

 Make Bubble Name Facebook Account Without Vpn 

Hi friends welcome back to our official website, Today i created new wonderful trick for Facebook that is how to make bubble name 
Facebook account without Vpn. Before that you have many tricks on our website that all related to Facebook but today topic is most wonderful

There are thousands of peoples who ask us to make this type account its difficult tell to all one by one so here i explained all step by step for all


For Facebook bubble name Facebook account we should have two things
Download uc browser from play sore
Facebook change name available account

only these two things we will create bubble name account and there is no vpn or proxy need for this trick
after all you should follow these steps one by one

Step 1:- Download uc Browser and then install this or install from play store

Step 2:- Now open uc browser and log into Facebook account ( use change name available account)

Step 3:- Now go to Facebook account settings and choose change name option

Step 4:- Now minimize this tab/page and open new tab/page

Step 5:- Then do same log into Facebook and go to Facebook account settings and choose change name option

Step 6:- write your name that you want (do  same like as showing in photo)

i write name jay you will select your own name

1st name-    jay
2nd name- jay jay
3rd name-    jay

Now click on save and just leave this page do not give password

Step 7:- Now go to 1st browser tab/page and paste this bubble name in 1st name

write @()Tek in third name

➃➄➅ ➆➇➈➉➀ ➀➁➊➊➊➊➊➊➊➊➊ ➊➂➃ ➀➁➊➊➊➊➊➊➊➊➊ ➊➂➃ ➀➁➊➃➄➅➊➊➊➉➀ ➊➂➃ ➀➁➂➃➄➅➊➊➊➉➀ ➁➂➃ ➀➁➂➃➄➅➊➊➊➉➀ ➁➂➃ ➀➂➃➃➄➅➊➊➊➉➀ ➁➂➃ ➀➂➃➃➄➅➊➊➊➉➀ ➁➂➃ ➀➁➀➁➂➃➊➊➊➉➀ ➁➂➃ ➀➁➂➀➁➂➊➊➊➉➀ ➁➂➃

Step 8:- Now click on save change and you will see that you bubble name is accepted
after that just give password and save your name, now you see your fb bubble name account is created successfully


Do all in 1st tab/page we have use for only change but just leave this page and  2nd page use for paste symbols and save this name

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