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How to Create Stylish Single Name Facebook Account

Hi friends today i am going to show you that how to create stylish single name Facebook account. Before that you know only single name account but by this trick you will make it stylish just copy paste stylish symbols name and done your fb account.
On our official website I have given different stylish account for fb you can also create below types account.

How to create stylish single name fb account

Here I given very simple steps just follow below steps. If you find any type problem just comment.
Step: – 1 1st of all create stylish name by stylish name generator for Facebook
Click on link        Stylish Name generator for Facebook

Step 2: – After creating stylish name copy this name same like showing in photo
Step 3:- Now log into Facebook account which account name you want to change
Step 4:- Click on account setting +  Name
Step 5:- Now go to Facebook browser and change language into Tamil

Step 6:- Paste Name that you have copied from stylish name generator same like
  • First Name ĸʜʌŋ
  • Middle Name (Blank)
  • Last Name (Blank)
Then Click On Save Changes same like showing in screenshot

Step 7:- Now Facebook will Confirm your name that you really wan to change. After reviewing your name just give your Facebook password and click on Change name

Note: – This Trick Will work for all countries like Indiaif you belong to Pakistan Country you Can Use 2nd method and you can make stylish name for Facebook.

How to Make Stylish Single Name in Pakistan

Step:- 1 1st Of all download Vpn that have India country location  and connect vpn to India proxy
Step: – 2 Select Tamil language

Step: – 3 simply log into Facebook account and + go to account settings + name
Step: – 4 Paste your stylish single name In 1stname box then click on save changes
Friends I hope after following theses two method you can create easily single stylish name for Facebook. If you have like this article share with your friends

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