Use Any Social Media Account Without Owner Permission [Full Guide]

How to get others any social media account login

Hi everyone i hope you learn all previous things so today learn something more and today i will share my phishing experience and i will live prove and tell you that how can we login any social media account without account owner permissions so read all and follow step by step so lets start
Everyone knows that the world has become a global village and everyone use social media and try to become professional some peoples take entertainment, but some use social media for business, but there are many users has poor security and they lose their accounts but here I’m going to tell you that how to get others to account in seconds and uses will not notice that you using his/her account and
the method that I’m going to use that is linking here I tell you about a website where you can register and you can use a login link.

How to register and use phishing link 

1st of all go to the link that website is z shadow and then we will create our account simple fill information form and give unique details you should have one gmail account 
after completing your profile simple login to website  you will see the home screen where you will see all websites like Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail, and YouTube and many other accounts that you need to use of other for example you want to use other Facebook account just click on language that your victim use mostly use English so just use English

after selecting your link language you will see a link you will copy this link and this link to the victim by SMS or email by showing his benefit
many time link banned so do not worry you can use shorten link option on this website and then . when user will open our sended link he will log into this link and in reality he/she giving  their login and in realty they dost not know about it, after all process you log in to z shadow website  you will see his phone number/email with password and IP address of the device.
this website and linking process available for whole countries and you can also use any language during creating the link.
Note; your created link will expire in 6 hours and your victim details will clear automatically in 15 days
if you find any problem during this process you can check video or you can call us in the comment box

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