System Application Uninstaller | Remove Orignal Apps [Tool & Guide]

 How to Uninstall System application with system application Remover Tool

Welcome back again so, Here is new trick given by our official website trough this trick you can delete system apps of android. If you find any problem just comment below and give your feedback must. Here end of post a video tutorials given you can see video also.

How to Use System application remover/Kingroot app

An Android Mobile Consist On Applications and totally work with applications, but some application that we dislike and never use them like hangsout and some others that we never use them so the problem is there this application need space and these wasted applications use network and battery so simple to say these impact on mobility. Here is defined step by step that how to delete system application.

1st of all its need root permissions and so it’s necessary for mobile should be rooted in your mobile it not rooted click on this link to download root application and read all about rooting.
After rooting you can easily remove applications from system, so here is proved in photos and complete details below.
Follow all steps as same as showing in the photos
Step:- 1 1stof all our android device must be rooted and Kingroot application installed in it.

Step 2:- And then open Kingroot and click on three line and Choose Uninstall tool option same like showing in photo.

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Step 3:- Now choose system application that you wan to uninstall


Step 4:- After click on System application you can uninstall and delete it permanently so just choose uninstall option, as same like showing in below photo


  • Battery Saving
  • Network Data Saving
  • Speed For Mobile
  • Can’t uninstall after moving
  • Can’t delete After restoring data
  • No need to update again and again


  • Need Rooted Mobile
  • Root Permissions
  • Useless Application For the experiment
  • Move Applications to System Apps
There Are different applications and games in the world that used for different works but many times we need to make Application permanent in our android device By moving an application into system app cannot uninstall, so here is totally explain that how to move Applications In Original Apps.


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