Pakistan All Sims Codes Free Internet Codes USSD Codes [Full Guide]

Pakistan All Sim Free Internet Codes & USSD Codes

All Sims Code To Check Everything Of Sim

Hi guys i hope you all are well so today i am going to show you all sims details and codes here i tell you all sim free internet codes that used for free mb data and other codes that mostly needed to many Pakistan sims users and and this problem faced many people daily so lets start now.

In this article, I will tell you all types of codes for any network SIM here I will tell you all network helpline codebalance share code  MBS and an SMS check code for all networks. Here I also tell you SIM confirmation, check codes of every network Facebook free package code and check my SIM number codes advance balance codes and some logo offer codes and also define internet setting code.

Pakistan 4 Sim network Used

  1. Jazz
  2. Telenor
  3. Zong
  4. Ufone

Pakistan Helpline Number All sims codes list

By dialing this below code according to your network SIM you can call to the helpline and tell them your problem and feedback after calling.

  1. Zong > 310
  2. Jazz> 111
  3. Telenor> 345
  4. Ufone> 333

      Advance Balance Pakistan All sims Codes list

By dialing these codes you can get loan balance, different SIM network gives you a different amount as the loan that cutout after you recharge your account.
  1. Telenor> *0#
  2. Zong> send an empty message to 911
  3. warid> Write”ab” in the text box and send it to 7676
  4. Ufone> *445#
  5. Mobilink> *112#
  6. Telenor> *0#

   Sim Lgao offer All sims Codes list

By using these codes can apply sim lgao offer. After dialing this code offer will be activated on your number if you will able for it if you will not able offer will not be applied on your SIM.

  1. Zong> *2244#
  2. Ward> Write “y” in the message text box and send it to 3733
  3. Ufone> Type “Sim” In Message to and this code to 5000
  4. Mobilink> *551#
  5. Telenor> *2222#

  Number check All sims Codes List

If you want to check your SIM number you can use these codes in your keypad dialer.

  1. Mobilink> *99#
  2. Ufone> *888#
  3. Telenor> Write “a” send to 7421
  4. Warid> Type “myno” send to 6060
  5. Zong >*8# or *2#

Free Facebbok Code List 

  1. Telenor> *5*325#
  2. Zong>*6464*4#
  3. Ufone> *3434#
  4. Warid> Type “fw” Send to 7777
  5. Mobilink> *114*5#

    Balance Share All sims Codes list

By dialing this code you can share balance one to another SIM.

  1. Ufone> *100*number*amount#
  2. Telenor>*1*1*number*Amount#

SMS Check All sims Codes List

By dialing this code You can Check How much Free SMS You Have

  1. Jazz> *101*2#
  2. Warid> *200#
  3. Zong> *102*3#
  4. Telenor>*111#
  5. Ufone>*336*2*4# 

       MBS Check  all sims codes list

use these codes for MBS Check

  1. Jazz> *114*1*2#
  2. Warid> *200*4#
  3. Zong> *102#
  4. Telenor>*999#
  5. Ufone> *706#

               Free Internet Codes all sims codes list

use free internet on pakistan sims by dailing these codes and free internet mbs
  1. jazz  *551# *5555# *443*30#
  2. Zong *44# *499#

    Balance Check all sims codes list

Use This Code TO Check Balance.

  1. Zong> *222#
  2. Jazz> *111#
  3. Warid>*100#
  4. Telenor>*444#
  5. Ufone>*124#

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