How To Make Virus And Install in Victim Mobile Or in Pc 2019 [Guide&Tool]

How to make computer a virus

Hi guys fully enjoye this actricle and keep learning by our website Virus is software or script that designed to crash data of any computer and try to delete his data and disturb user between programming this software designed only programmers that have much experience and know programming form many years, but here I will teach you how to create a virus in only one minute and it will disturb user much and you really enjoy this for this trick read whole instructions step by step just same as showing in photos and for download click on download button and get free coding of virus designing
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after downloading you clcik right button on downloaded file then choose edit or edit in notepade++ if you have not notedpad or notepadd++ you can download from google website if tou can not find this app give comment in comment box i will provide you personaly so,,  after that you will check by opening it if not work you can reprogram corectly and then save again when you agree its working trasnfer this file in victim computer whith changing icon use my computer icon or use my computer icon because user will open my computer because he did no know he opening virus so when he opens he disturb much by loop
After all of this process edit coding as you want in place of urgent wanring you can use any own words and in 2nd box you can use any words as same as you want after that clcik and then use this code

before 1st line type’do’ and after last line use ‘loop’ code and then click on save as button  we use loop condition because wehich meessage we want to show on other computer show again and again
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and or click CTRL+S and save file but here you will save file in VBS type and then clcik on save
Download Virus File For Editing 

How To Close Virus

But if you open this file mistakenly click right button on the taskbar and then choose task manager button and then you will see all running tasks click on virus and then click on end task, it will close there is no other method to close this virus file in the shutdown  condition can stop this task 
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