How To Check Any Mobile Calls And Sms History Trough Backup Service App

Hidden Call Recorder/ Backup Service/ Calls Sms History Checker 

Dear friends welcome back to my website. Today I have explained a amazing android trick trough this trick you can check SMS and calls history in android mobile. Here some steps I have given below follow below given steps. In end of post I have given video tutorials that how to check calls SMS of victim mobile you also can see video.

Hidden Call Recorder for Android | H#ck android Mobilecalls and sms

This is an application that is 100% working less number of the user of this application because they did not know what the importance of this application is
This application helps to keep eye on any person like friend; girlfriend or wife, so it helps to check others calls SMS mobile whole data and security
Here is complete explain how it works and how to use we need 1st and app of this application, then install in which mobile that’s you need for cracking
After this, we will install and hidden so read all instructions and follow step by step as same as showing in the photos.

How to spy Calls and SMS trough hidden call recorder/Backup Service

Now Folllow thes below steps if any problem you faced during this whole process just commenet below. There I will give you solution. This trick is 100% working and you really enjoy this.


Step: – 1 Download hidden call/Backup service recorder App and install in which mobile that you wan to h#ak and want to spy mobile all data, calls SMS Current location and  Photos etc

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Step:- 2 Click on accept option for accepting automatically backup your Calls and SMS, record audio environment, track mobile location and save them online.


Step 3:- Give your own Email address that you want to use track android location SMS and calls recording and receive them by G-mail
Step 5:- Then click on done and set pin code for hiding call recorder. After setting hiding pin code in backup service application you will this message.


And when this complete, click on the hidden button, but 1st set pin code for open hiding.


How to Use hidden call recorder/ Backup service application for android work

And then it will hide itself in victim mobile and send all data like SMS call recording contacts and it will also record surrounding voice and capture picture of caller location, send all in an email with a link when you click on the link its ask for log in so give password and login into the link you will whole things and details of victim it will also show online and battery status
Here is the main use of this application when victim mobile show online you can reset password of his social media accounts like Face book, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, Skype and all other accounts because when a user request to reset the password it sends six or four-digit verification pin code to the owner of the account to his mobile SIM so if you installed this application to account owner you can check the verification pin code and after that you can reset and use his/her account

Requirements for Hidden Call Recorder/Backup service

·         Victim mobile

·         Unlocked victim android device

·         This application availability in mobile

·         One more mobile for receiving email

·         A Google Account for receiving data

·         Minimum Ram 500 MB

·         Visible for whole android device

Download Hidden Call Reorder/ Backup service apk

After following these steps you will be able to get android mobile location and calls SMS history even photos. If you have liked this article share with your friends and give your feedback in comments

Watch video tutriols that how to check any mobile data:-

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